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Is It Suitable to Use Poly Cotton printed bed sheet in Your Daily Life?

Poly Cotton printed bed sheet

Are you struggling to find out the best type of poly cotton bed sheets online? It is tricky to find a high-quality Poly Cotton printed bed sheet online because there are so many fabric varieties these days that it is difficult to differentiate between them.

In this article, we will discuss polycotton bed sheets good? Is polycotton suitable for bedding? Is polycotton better than cotton? And some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a polycotton material, to help you decide which one is best for you.

Are poly cotton printed bed sheets good?

Polycotton is a type of modern combined fabric, which gained popularity in the USA very rapidly because of synthetic and natural threads. The best combination of polycotton is mixing cotton and polyester. This combination is highly breathable, durable, and hygroscopic.

Also, the material’s syntactic nature led to the creation of a colorful bright combination of the sheet while dyeing. Moreover, polycotton bed sheets manufacturers approve it as a cheap and pleasant to touch and feel bedsheet.

Further, these bedsheets are not subjected to shrink, wrinkled, and contain natural fibers guarantee their hypoallergenic and environmental friendliness.

What are the features of polycotton?

Fabric structure

Various variety of polycotton printed bedsheet quality is now cheaply and readily available in the market. The fabric structure of the amount of cotton and polyester is the fabric is not constant. It varies, as there is four essential polycotton combination, which has different prices and characteristics. Lett’s discuss four varieties of polyester and cotton:

  • The first combination contains 35 percent of synthetic and 65% cotton, which includes a very high natural fiber content and is expensive. This combination makes it close to the natural cotton fabric. Moreover, this fabric has an equal portion of polyester and cotton. They have high strength and adequate ventilation. It is affordable and budget-friendly.
  • The second type has a composition of 25 percent of the natural thread and 85 percent artificial. Also, it is a cheap and easily washed material with high resistance of pants. But it is not that durable as the product with 100 percent synthetic content.
  • The third and fourth types of fabrics contain 35 percent of cotton and 65 percent of synthesis and are highly cheap, and are in demand among the customers. Also, it has high wear resistance and relatively good breathability.

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the Advantages of using polycotton?

Polycotton bedsheet is in demand due to several essential advantages such as:

  • It is highly durable and has a longer life span which provides favorable conditions to the customers and distinguishes it from completely natural clothes.
  • Manufacturers prefer the brightness of color and durability of coloring material for the manufacturing of clothing and bedspreads.
  • It maintains a neat appearance because of the low crushability of the fabric. It is highly beneficial in sportswear and bedding, which don’t need to be ironed after a wash.
  • It doesn’t deform and shrink during regular washing in a typewriter. Also, the fabric is easily washed and dry very quickly.
  • It contains excellent hygroscopicity of the material because of which it has high hygiene and the ability to pass air freely.
  • The affordable cost of mixed fabric positively separates it from many natural canvases.

What are the disadvantages of using polycotton?

  • Along with obvious advantages, there are some disadvantages of using high amount synthetic fibers to increase the defects and become more pronounced, which enables large amounts of polyester to be allergic skin reactions.
  • After frequent washing, some pellets are formed in the fabric, making the bedsheet dull rather than aesthetics and attractive.
  • It attracts more dust and acceptable mechanical debris as polycotton items are prone to accumulate static electricity.

These disadvantages are the reason that why people do not buy polycotton bed linen. Despite the fact, they are cheaper than pure cotton. But pure cotton is comparatively very soft, durable, not electrifying, and completely hygroscopic, and does not cause allergic reactions.

However, there is polycotton in which the polyester is not more than 50 percent, is natural. In this combination, there is no difference between polycotton and natural fabric as it will provide high hygienic properties of the material. These polycotton fabrics are suitable for sewing covers and kitchen towels. Also, are ideal for polycotton bedsheets with pillow covers, tablecloths, and curtain.

What are the different kinds of polycotton bedsheets?

Polycotton is classified based on the type of weave used in the fabric, divided into three basic polycotton bedsheets.

  • Plain weaving – It is an elegant and classic version of weaving in which the thread is arranged so that they are connected alternatively with each other like warp and weft. The result is a smooth polycotton double-sided fabric.
  • Twill weaving- fabric with twill weaving has each thread of a duck with 2-3 lines of a basis. Combining these thread arrangements allows the material to shift by one thread and form diagonal hems on the fabric.
  • Satin-weave fabric- it is done by using spinning technology, which is similar to twill weaving. The difference between the material is only one weft thread covers two to three and four lines of the base at once. As a result, a step shifted to two or more threads and formed a canvas, which is slightly rough from inside and has a smooth face.

Where is used?

Various uses of polycotton are there due to multiple combinations. The Plain or one-colored fabric is beneficial for sewing bedding and has numerous benefits such as bedticks, duvet covers, mattress covers, and pillowcases. Also, you can make curtains, sofa covers, and a kitchen cloth.

The Bleached fabric is essential in tailoring bed linen for passenger long-distance trains, hotels, hospitals, and sanatoriums. Moreover, polyester yarn composition makes it beneficial for the thermal anti-bacterial treatment necessary for this category of laundry. It is perfect for bedding. However, it is not suitable as pure cotton but has its benefits, making it a useful and classic fabric.


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