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Important Safety Tips Recommended by Commercial Gas Agency

Gas Safety

There are 278 million LPG users in India. But there are some places where people cook with the traditional “Chulha,” thanks to the government’s PAHAL program, this is slowly changing. Accidents are inevitable given the large numbers, but gas agencies have minimized and avoided LPG-related accidents. While these measures have minimized such incidents, it is still our responsibility to keep our homes secure at all times.

At any approved LPG business unit, whether private or public, people’s safety will be paramount. Customers are the most valuable assets for most providers, and even the tiniest miscalculation can result in unimaginable loss and damage to individuals and the public.

Although there have been significant advancements in safety standards, incidents can happen at any time, which is why we must equip ourselves with safety tips to avoid them. Here are some of the safety tips followed by every commercial gas agency.

Removing the LPG cylinders:

If there is a need to remove the LPG cylinder, then the commercial gas agency will follow the measures outlined below.

  • Remove all flames and fires from the kitchen/room.
  • Switch off all of the burner’s taps.
  • Turn the regulator’s switch knob from the “ON” to the “OFF” spot.
  • Grip the regulator and gently swivel it up, pulling the bush (black plastic locking ring) up with it. As a result, the regulator will be separated from the valve.
  • Place the valve’s safety cap on top. Firmly press the cap down until you hear a distinct click. The empty cylinder can now be discarded.

Connecting LPG Cylinders:

Commercial gas agency will ensure the following:

  • PULL the cord and LIFT the safety cap off the valve to clear it.
  • Ensure the regulator’s turn knob is in the ‘off’ spot (‘Off’ letters shown on top).
  • Pull the black plastic bush up with the regulator.
  • With a gentle swivel, position the regulator vertically on the valve and press it down. Push down on the black plastic bush after releasing it. (A click sound can be heard).
  • The pressure regulator is turned off.

To light the burner:

  • Turn the switch knob anti-clockwise until it is in the “O” spot. This opens the LPG cylinder’s valve, allowing the gas to pass through the regulator and into the stove.
  • Keep a lit matchstick close to the burner.
  • Turn the burner knob to the ON spot.
  • Turn the switch knob of the regulator to the “off” position when you are done using the burner.

If you smell gas:

It is alarming when you notice gas leakage. Whether it is a commercial setup or personal, if there is a leakage of gas, then you must follow these steps:

  • Make sure the burner knobs are all locked.
  • Both fires and flames must be put out.
  • Don’t even think about lighting a cigarette.
  • Switch the knob clockwise to the off spot to turn off the pressure regulator.
  • Both of the doors and windows should be open.
  • Contact your Gas Distributor or the Emergency Service Cell if the gas smell remains.
  • Detach the regulator and do not operate electrical switches. On the valve, secure the Safety cap.
  • Remove the cylinder to a well-ventilated and dry place. Bring no naked flame or fire anywhere near the cylinder.


The Bharat gas company carefully curates all these safety tips for all the commercial gas agencies to ensure its consumers and staff’s complete safety. Makes sure to keep the commercial gas agency’s contact number in speed dial so that in case of emergency you can contact them and then can reach you in time.

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