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Which Kinds of Direct Mail Still Work in This Digital Age?

Though many people think they are dead, direct mails are still alive. Do you have any idea that how many people read paper mails? According to a survey done in 2013 by DMA (Direct Mail Association), around 65% of consumers, irrespective of age, were likely to buy something from the direct mail pieces. And, this was undoubtedly a big number. If compared to emails and other digital marketing efforts, this figure is much greater. Direct mails are an inexpensive alternative to digital tools like PPC, let alone telemarketing. Considering these facts, many businesses use them to advertise their brand to other businesses and consumers. But if you’re skeptical about how to implement this marketing equipment, let’s have a look below.

Types of direct mail marketing and tips to choose the right option

As you are thinking about the next direct mail marketing campaign for your business, you have to consider available options. While making the selection regarding which direct mail choice you’re going to make use of for your upcoming brand campaign, approach the option with an open mind. Remember every mailing tool has individual advantages.

  • Direct Mail Postcards – This is the most economical option. Besides, postcards are one of the most effective options as well. Postcards contain the recipient’s, i.e., the prospect’s address on the front. The deal you’re going to offer has to appear on the back. If you’re aiming to arouse interest in any particular offer fast, these would be the ideal option. Postcards entice the readers fast to take the next action like visiting your site or calling you up or sending you an email. According to a study done by USPS, more than 50% of recipients read postcards. Choose a reputable printing house and provide them with your mailing list and the artwork. They’ll print, address and deliver the postcards to the post office for timely delivery of the same.
  • Direct Mail Folded Postcards – These are effective for sending price lists, invitations, and so on. This would allow you to send more content for the cost of a flat postcard. There are half-fold or tri-fold mailers with various options for paper and tabbing. Choose any according to your requirements.
  • EDDM Postcards – EDDM or Every Door Direct Mails are a special service offered by the USPS. This is especially helpful to endorse small businesses in local communities. With them, you don’t even need the address of the potential customers. All you need to target zip code. And, the mails can be sent to every address including homes and businesses under the given zip code. Direct mail marketing services can help with sending such mails. So if you don’t have a mailing list, no issues. Opt for EDDM postcards to endorse your brand, especially in the local community. The good thing is you can send BIG mailers (10×13 inches) for half of the cost of a 1st class stamp and thus can save a lot.
  • EDDM Folded Mailers – If you want to get the most out of your postage dollars, use EDDM folded mailer service by USPS. If you want to send big mailers such as flyers, newsletters, menus, or coupons, these would be the most cost-effective yet powerful option for you. Also, you don’t need to waste your time on preparing a mailing list. These don’t need any permit as well.
  • Self-mailers – These are almost the same as the postcards. You can mail them without any envelope or wrapping. The mailers are used to be folded in half and accordingly sealed. Self-mailers help you save on mailing and printing costs.
  • Direct Mail Brochures – If your target is to send newsletters, catalogs, multi-page brochures, company reports, or anything with a lot of content without spending an arm and a leg, direct mail brochures would be the ultimate option. All you need to choose the right printing house that can take the responsibility of sending your items safely properly and timely.
  • Catalogs – Catalogs are not a single product. They are the compilation of different products and offers meant for a single prospect to browse through. If you aim to intimate the lead about all the offers you have, a catalog would be the right option to fulfill your requirements. If the prospect finds your business interesting, they can have all the essential information right in their hand utilizing the catalog and be prepared to make a purchase.

Though these are not all, direct mail postcards, direct mail folded postcards, EDDM postcards, direct mail brochures, catalogs, and self-mailers are the leading types of direct mail marketing measures that can take your marketing effort to a new level.

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