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How to prepare for the CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam?

The CISSP certification is a top-notch certification in the field of security and transforms the career of security professionals. The certification is governed and regulated by the International information systems security certification Consortium (ISC)2 which lays guidelines pertaining to the Certified Information system security professional (CISSP). If you are someone who would like to go for the CISSP certification then this paper will enlighten you regarding the same so keep following till the last and begin your certification journey in the CISSP domain.
Before jumping straight into the preparation process, let us first have a clear and comprehensive look at the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification to have a clear perspective regarding the details related to the certified information systems security professional certification.

The CISSP certification allows professionals the scope to walk in the systems security domain with the required and necessary skills and knowledge. It not only assess the technical knowledge and skills related to system security but it also covers the assessment of the managerial competency in the eight domains related to Certified information systems security professional (CISSP). The CISSP includes eight distinct domains that need to be tested before getting the certification. The total knowledge regarding the functionality of the eight domains is necessary in order to successfully qualify the CISSP examination. Moreover, the CISSP certification is counted among the hardest certifications owing to the fact that re-certification is required in case of CISSP. The CISSP certification comes with three years validity and after that, the candidates need to go for re-certification. Another reason that adds to the difficulty of the CISSP examination is that its test format has been changed recently which again has created a lot of tension among the aspiring candidates who are already preparing for the cissp examination for getting the certification.

In order to become a member of the CISSP certified elite club, the professionals need to qualify the CISSP certification exam with at least 700 scores or above in order to get the certification. The examination details of the CISSP certification are as follows:

  • The total duration of the CISSP exam is three hours.
  • The candidates need to attempt 100-150 questions that are multiple-choice based.
  • The passing score is 700 or more.

Once you qualify the certification exam, all you need to do is just complete the overall endorsement process and you will have the CISSP certification.

This was all about the general CISSP details, moving back to the prime topic let us now understand how one can prepare for the Certified information systems security professional exam. To begin the process of the CISSP certification it is always recommended to go for certified information systems security professional training. The training session prepares the candidates thoroughly so that they are ready to take the CISSP exam and have covered all the essential topics that are evaluated in the examination. We at Edukasion offers all comprehensive learning sessions that are scheduled in a manner that delivers the right and the relevant information through the practical application. The cissp certification training online sessions are meant to deliver a deep understanding related to the concepts and theories of CISSP. The Certified information systems security professional certification training delivers a great approach towards preparing for the CISSP examination. The major objectives of the certified information systems security professional training are as follows:

  • The training classes are formulated in a manner that focuses on delivering the right approach towards the CISSP certification. It includes total understanding and application of the concepts and methods that are associated with the field of Cyber security and information security. Through the training the participants get a clear perspective of the concepts related to Certified information systems security professional (CISSP).
  • The training session allow professionals to get an insight into the execution of security. Apart from this, the training also focuses on delivering a clear understanding that is related with the alignment of the operational goals of the organization with functions.
  • The training will also provide a comprehension of how security professionals can protect the the information assets through their life cycles. This not only helps with the practical execution but is also essential from the exam point of view.
  • The training totally focuses on delivering the understanding related to principles, concepts, standards, and structures that are utilized for a number of purposes that are designing, execution, monitoring and safeguarding operating systems, networks, equipment, applications, and utilization of controls that administer confidentiality, availability and integrity.
  • The training also provides a clear insight into the implementation of the system security through application and execution of security design principles and through the right security controls in order to eradicate any vulnerability in the information systems.
  • The training also focuses on delivering a clear understanding of the necessity and importance of cryptography and security services as far as today’s digital age is concerned. Today cryptography plays an essential role in the security management and therefore total understanding of cryptography is quite essential.
  • Learn about the physical security elements and how they affect the information system security. Moreover, you will also get an understanding regarding the application of the secure design principles in order to assess and suggest appropriate protection.
  • You will be able to get an insight into the elements and properties associated with the network security. This will be accompanied by the understanding of the network systems and communications functions.
  • With the help of the CISSP training sessions the participants are able to get information regarding the process of identification of the standard terms, which re associated with the security practices for the application of logical and physical access controls as far as the organizational environment is concerned.


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