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Hidden Tracker Spy App for Android Device

Tracking the android cell phone does not seem easy to the people who are looking forward to monitoring the android cell phone gadgets. Its operating system protects the device to the fullest, but over the years developers have been made the difference in order to spy on any cell phone device that is running with Android OS. So, if you are looking forward to tracking the smartphone of android, then you have to use such tool that is capable of spying on the smartphones. Now user can get the job done by using the android surveillance software.

A short intro of hidden tracker spy app for android

Hidden tracker monitoring software is one of the mainstream cell phone spying apps over the years. It is widely well-recognized tool for last many years. It is capable of tracking android phones, tabs, and pads to the fullest. It provide users such a tools that allow a user to get their hands on all the activities performed by the target user such as spy on text messages, GPS location tracking, remotely phone tracking, record live calls, browsing history, live screen recording of androids, TOS spy 360 live surround listening, TOS spy 360 live camera streaming, TOS spy 360 screen sharing, screenshots, view multimedia files, read emails, GPS location tracker, keylogger, bug their phone and plenty of others.
The cell phone spying app is the state of the art tool that is very suitable for parenting, employee monitoring, and spouse tracking. The best thing about mobile phone spy app is its reasonable price along with the powerful and efficient dozens of features. A user can use it remotely and it will work with complete secrecy and accuracy. Its customer services team all ways, therefore, users to guide them properly and will provide the answer to every query asked by the users. Let’s discuss the robust features of the android spy app.

  • Bug their phone

A user can spy on all type of android phone with the help of MIC bug. A user can use it to listen to the surrounding sounds, call conversation along with the complete time schedule. Furthermore, a user can also make videos of the surroundings through spyvidcam in order to know what is happening around the target Android phone. Last but not the least, camera bug of the cell phone spying software is the best tool to capture the surround images and photos.

  • Screenshots

A user can remotely capture the screenshots of the Android cell phone screen when anything is happening on the cell phone screen such as IM’s social media, text messages, shared media files all the activities on the phone screen can be captured remotely by using the screenshots by cell phone spying.

  • GPS location tracker

A user can use it to track the exact and current location of the target Android phone. It empowers a user to track current GPS location, location history, weekly location history and a user can set the good areas and bad areas for the target cell phone of android.

  • Live screen recording

Record the screen activities such as IM’s recording, YouTube recording, SMS recording, Chrome recording, Gmail screen recording and camera screen recording.

  • TOS spy 360

It has further three features such as spy 360 surround listening, spy 360 live camera streaming and live screen sharing. A user can listen to the surround voices, make videos back to the back of camera activities through front and back camera and share screen of an android phone into the control panel remotely.

  • IM’s social media

A user can easily and completely track all the trendy instant messaging apps such as IM’s logs, IM’s chats and conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and VOIP calls as well.

  • Remotely control the Android phone

A user can view remotely all the installed apps on the Android phone, remotely un-install the app, block incoming and outgoing calls, block SMS and user can block the internet.

  • Keylogger

A user can completely do surveillance on phone by using the keylogger and get applied keystrokes such as password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, email keystrokes and messenger keystrokes.


TheOneSpy hidden tracker monitoring app enables user to keep a secret eye on the Android mobile phone activities. It would be best for parenting, outstanding for employee monitoring and powerful tool to spy on spouses.

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