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A Brief about Phthalo Blue, Its Types and Usage

Phthalo Blue is a powerful colour, which is used to paint nature, namely the sky and water. Well, they also give great snowy highlights!

No other paints can accomplish what these do. Phthalo blue also known as Thalo blue is an abbreviated name for paints made derived from the pigment Phthalocyanine Blue, or PB15. This blue is long lasting as compared to many watercolours and seems to be an extremely popular choice on any watercolour palette.

Now there are several types of Phthalo blues available and each watercolour manufacturer often produces multiple Phthalo blue colours.

How are Phthalo blues divided?

Phthalo blue colours are divided on the basis of their shades i.e whether they have a green or a red undertone. When you check them out, you’ll find them labelled Phthalo Blue Red Shade (RS) or Phthalo Blue Green Shade (GS). The pigment numbers can also help you distinguish between the two. PB15:1 and PB15:6 are middle blue or reddish shades, PB15:3 is the greenish shade.

After the usage of Phthalo, here is a gist about its performance

Phthalo blue is a strong pigment that is highly staining, and that attribute can be a bit difficult for anyone who works inattentively. In spite of this, having your palette full of Phthalo blue red shade or Phthalo blue-green shade is a smart pick. They are quite successful to bring life to a bunch of paintings. Do not let any of the pigments dry before lifting, and preferably use supreme quality watercolour papers, to receive best results through staining colours. Phthalo blue must definitely be given a try in mixes and should be compared to some other blues.

Phthalo Blue vs Ultramarine Blue

None of these colours is better or worse than each other. Any artist out there has enough space for both of them on their palette. But there are certain factors in these paints that set them apart from each other.

It all depends on your requirement, while Phthalo Blue is a lovely, bright and vivid colour, if you truly need a light blue shade, choose ultramarine, cobalt, or cerulean over phthalo. Phthalo is one of a kind, it takes just a little pin drop of it and all of a sudden, you get this totally rich blue. On the other hand, the times when you do not require a brighter shade, you know which colour you have to go for.

Alliance Organics LLP is a leading producer, manufacturer and supplier of a range of dyes and pigments that are used by several industries and applications. They also have the well known, phthalo blue available. Being an Indian manufacturer they export their products internationally to many countries. USA, China, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia are few of them.

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