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Monitor Your Teens Online Activities with TheOneSpy

Though the internet has revamped the human lifestyle, the unsupervised and unbridled internet access can cause horrible consequences, particularly for teens and tweens. The internet obsession keeps almost 25 percent of teen internet users stick to the online world. Almost 90 percent of teens between the age of 12 and 17 have access to the internet and approximately 70 percent have the social media presence. With the internet, they can connect with their buddies, share photos and videos, play games, watch movies, listen to their favorite songs and do whatever they want. However, the internet may expose them to several risks such as cyber-bullying, child molestation, scamming, hacking, catfishing and online sex crimes. Fortunately, there is a few monitoring software intended for parents to monitor the online activities of their offspring to safeguard them from the threats in the online world.

  • What is TheOneSpy About?

TheOneSpy phone spy app is a multi-platform app that allows monitoring the digital behavior of teens and tweens tracking their mobile phones and computers. Once the app is installed on the mobile or computer device of your children, it accesses the data saved on the device and uploads it to TOS account from where parents can review it.

Monitor Online Activities with Monitoring App

The tracking application allows parents to monitor the activities of their children performed using the internet. From the internet browsing history to social media and emails, almost all the web activities of children can be monitored with the spy app.

  • Monitor Internet Browsing History

The computer and mobile phone tracking application accesses the internet browsing detail of your significant ones. You can see which websites are being visited by your children; what is the time of visiting those websites, and what is the frequency of visiting those websites. If your kids are exposing to age-inappropriate and sexually explicit websites, you can block their access to these websites.

  • Monitor Social Media

Social media has turned out to be the most significant part of teens’ lives. The Android monitoring application allows monitoring the social media accounts of your children including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many other popular instant messengers and social networking apps. It also monitors the dangerous instant messengers such as Kik, Telegram, and Tinder. You can read the direct messages of your children exchanged via these apps and can see the photos, videos, audios, and visuals shared through these apps. For example, if your kid is bullying someone or being bullied by someone on social media, his messages would let you know about it.

  • Track Emails and Keylogs

The parental control software allows monitoring the incoming and outgoing emails of your children. You can read the email content and get the contact detail of the email sender and receiver. Meanwhile, the application offers keystroke logging by giving access to the keystrokes applied to the monitored mobile phone and computer. These keystrokes let you know the email addresses, username, and password of the online accounts of your children. You can use these keylogs to closely watch out the online activities of your kids.


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