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Awesome Tools and Tips for SEO Project Management

Search engine optimization is an intricate and time-consuming process. Unlike, web design and development that have their snags, SEO project management is the toughest of all. It is not easy to track various keywords for tens of projects – each of different nature and audience. Moreover, there are times when you cannot stay organized, and it becomes hard to manage the entire team. In the end, the project suffers.

Search engine optimization often gets hectic at times. It pertains to the dire need of becoming a skillful SEO project manager. In that regard, you need to bring into play the right tools, practical tips, and efficient processes. You can consult a professional SEO expert UK for the better understanding of how to manage multiple projects. Besides, here are some tools and tips to plan, implement, supervise and track the search engine optimization process in an organized way – mandatory to customer satisfaction.

Project Management System

First of all, you need a reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly tool to manage the assigned project(s). We all know that the most integral part of any SEO plan is ‘tasks’ and ‘tracking their progress.’ You need to have a consistent check and balance. As an SEO manager, you must use an appropriate task management tools such as Trello and Basecamp (available free-of-cost) to know where precisely a project is at any given point in time. These flexible and collaborative tools will not only help you in tracking the multiple tasks across several projects but also aid in launching discussion threads in specified projects; involving concerned team members, clients, contractors, and vendors.

Google Docs & MS Office

Google is an all-rounder in all aspects. In search engine optimization, where you need high in Google – the leading search engine, on the other end, Google Docs spreadsheet facilitates the SEO personnel to set their link building strategies. Monthly, or quarterly, you can configure keywords and map pages into different columns and specify the priority tasks and terms. With this free tool, you can easily track the built links and generate a report for client’s perusal. Another plus is Google Calendar that allows you to set the deadlines for different tasks assigned to team members, track the milestones and oversee the SEO campaign strategy on the whole.

Use MS Office to create SEO reports because clients always want to see the project progress in the form of deliverables. From analytics matrices to rank tracking, and regular updates of the KPIs, Excel spreadsheet is an amazing tool to use.

Create a Heat Map in Google Spreadsheet

It is an open fact that various tacky questions surround the SEO manager’s mind. For example, how the keywords ranking doing? Is the campaign running successfully to satisfy the client? Are your deliverables on time? And much more. To deal with all such queries, you need to create a Heat Map in Google Spreadsheet. In this way, you can analyze the overall project performance and take necessary measures to fix the issues hampering the success ratio. Mark different areas or elements with specific colors. For instance; Green to represent ‘good progress,’ Yellow to show ‘need for improvement’ and Red to alert for ‘an alarming situation’ that need immediate remedy.

Remember, these tools will support you if you are honest with your work and struggle continuously to achieve the set goals.

Enlisted below are a few tips that will aid you in the successful execution of SEO projects.

  • Talk straight to your clients and tell them what will work the best for their project.
  • Determine the goals you can achieve in a specific time span and set the realistic expectations.
  • Schedule meetings with clients and team members at regular intervals; in-person or phone calls.
    In brief, all the tools and tips as mentioned above will help in the seamless management of an SEO project.


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