Saturday, November 11

5 Tips For Husband’s Whose Wives Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is a very complex time for a couple. It would actually be very unfair to say that only women face the problems with pregnancy or men do not have anxiety about pregnancy. Back in the days, women didn’t get much support from their husbands and they were quite a lot on their own. But days have changed now and men take equal responsibility for their wives and do whatever it is to make them comfortable during this tough time.

But even still, there are many men who come up with questions such as what should they do or how can they make things better for their wives. So, there are a number of pregnancy magazine in Hindi and English that I would suggest you to go through so that you exactly know what is going on. Also, here are a few tips that you husbands should keep in mind while dealing with your pregnant wife:

  • You have to a little more patient with her than you normally are. During pregnancy, women go through a lot of hormonal changes which makes them irritated and moody. You may notice that sometimes the smallest things can just tick her off. In such cases don’t get into an argument rather let her calm down and things will get better.
  • Your wife is taking care of another human that is growing inside her. But she can’t do that all on her own. You need to see that her meals and her sleep are taken care of properly. Because if she doesn’t eat well that might affect the baby and the mother’s health.
  • Don’t leave her alone in this journey. Now agreed that you have your own job and work commitments, but still take out time for your wife. Keep a track of her doctor’s appointments and insist on coming along with her. This will make her feel so much better from inside.
  • Also, you might see that your wife would face a series of irrational fears and that is very normal. In such cases don’t lose your patience with her. Just try and calm her down. Try to constantly reassure her that everything will be in the end.
  • Her food habits might change during this time; she might have weird food cravings at odd times. Try and fulfill s much as you can do. Take her out and get her favorite food. All these things will make her feel better.

So, these were top 5 points according to me that husband’s of every pregnant woman must keep in mind. Apart from these take care of the little things on your end. Even if she doesn’t ask for anything directly try and ask her if she’s in need of anything. Also, never leave a pregnant woman alone. She should be surrounded by friends or family. This brings positive energy and also gets all the pampering that is needed. The rest you can find in the pregnancy magazine in Hindi or English.

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