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5 Worst Foods that Harm the Health of the Heart

The heart is the engine of our body. His health is vitally important to us. But do we care about him as it deserves? In truth, not always …

Sometimes caring for one’s body is limited to us by a “flat stomach”, and we forget about other, more significant aspects.

Obviously, the relationship between body weight and health exists, but sometimes we make mistakes during sports or in the preparation of a diet.

So today we would like to tell you about products that seriously harm the health of the heart. Check if you eat right.

What foods are harmful to the health of the heart?

  1. American cheese

Cheeses harm the health of the heart

The cheese itself is already a complex product, especially if it is aged and made from cow’s milk. The reason is the excess fat content.

However, yellow, or American cheese, is an even more harmful product, since it undergoes a strong treatment. Even vegetable dyes are added to it.

  • First, fat increases the density of blood, making it less fluid, resulting in the heart becomes harder to pump it and make more effort.
  • Secondly, sodium promotes an increase in heart rate (especially if we consume it in excess).

And just like it happens with other muscles, excessive efforts can lead to injury. That’s why the work of the heart needs to try to balance.

  1. Low-calorie fizzy drinks

Here is a vivid example of what we said at the very beginning. We drink such drinks so as not to get better, but at the same time, we harm ourselves in other aspects, often even more serious than this one.

Artificial sweeteners are not as harmless as many believe. And all these drinks are so attractive because of their sweet taste. And in advertising in general, the emphasis is placed on the fact that sweet taste remains, and the figure does not suffer from this.

However, studies show that in the long run, soda (with regular consumption) can cause serious problems in the work of the cardiovascular system. Be careful!

  1. Energy bars

The benefits of this type of product are obvious: these bars provide us with additional energy. But for this, they are usually treated with hydrogenated fats, which raise the level of cholesterol.

Bad cholesterol (LDL) thickens the blood, which makes circulation difficult.

The heart also suffers, since it takes more effort to do its job.

It also damages the arteries, because they are simply unprepared for such conditions (higher blood density).

All of the above can lead to the development of atherosclerosis (in more or less acute degree).

And yet, if you are actively engaged in sports or understood that you urgently need to refresh yourself and replenish the supplies of your exhausting energy, you can try to prepare these bars yourself. The home option will save you from the risk associated with the presence of hydrogenated fats and preservatives.

  1. Margarine

Here is another phenomenon that we discussed. Margarine is made from whole milk, which already contains harmful fats, but at the same time, it is also added to vegetable fats.

All this is accompanied by transgenic elements, and as a result, we get a “time bomb”.

All of the above concerns the so-called “low-calorie margarine” (its version of “light”). In fact, despite the fewer calories, synthetic ingredients are still present in it.

Thus, margarine, regardless of the composition and manufacturer refers to products that harm the health of the heart, remember this!

  1. Canned food

In this case, all the guilt of the preservatives namely butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene.

And it does not matter whether it’s about useful products or not. As soon as these substances are added, any food loses its usefulness. Remember the fairy tale about Snow White and its poisoned apple that’s a good example of what canned foods give us.

That is, these substances have an amazing ability to poison even the most useful ingredients.

That is why the consumption of any canned food should be minimized or eliminated from their diet at all. Of course, we do not always have enough time to cook from fresh products, and they are much more expensive, but …

Here we are talking about the most important thing – our health. Always keep in mind: “canned foods harm the health of the heart.” And when you want to have a snack, it is better to eat nuts, fruit, etc. (something in kind or at least a home-made dish).

As you can see, even the so-called “dietary” products can harm our health, because calories are not the only thing that goes into the account. There are other aspects that need to be considered, and now you know about them.

So read carefully the composition of the products on the labels and choose for yourself and your family natural and healthy products! Be healthy!


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