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6 Furniture Ideas for the Studio Rental Apartment

Planning to shift in the studio rental apartment?
You are either obsessed with living minimalistic, or you happened to choose it for whatever reason. The bottom-line here is less space. In that case, you must go for the furniture that not only doesn’t capture too much space but also fulfills your need with dual functionality. Here’re a few ideas you should consider with regards to furniture while heading for the apartment rental;

Bunk Bed Transformer

This is truly an ideal choice for the studio apartments. In fact, a double-decker bed can be folded to create a narrow closet within seconds making it a perfect choice for hostels too. The first segment of woods divided into two parts opens, upwards and downwards and each of the halves becomes a separate sleeping space and is securely fixed in this position. The manufacturer also offers a small ladder while the folding covers on the top prevent the person from falling while sleeping.


According to the creator of this piece of furniture, Designer Fabian Roland, the inspiration has been taken from the small dimensions of modern apartments and his love of minimalism. This coffee table consists of black and white segments which can be separated if necessary. In this way, the furniture resembles an ordinary bench. It should also be noted that the table’s equipped with small wheels that allow you to move in any direction.

The transformer bench

It’s mainly the wooden folding bench that is equipped with durable metal rails and is capable to support a weight up to 1500 pounds & reaching over 10 ft. in length. Due to the integrated wheels within, this piece of furniture can move freely around the house. It can be used for a large variety of purposes such as a footstool or a coffee table. To store the five additional wooden panels, the bench is equipped with a special building drawer which also works when the bed is open.
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Apparently, the mattress of this bed seems quite high from the floor, but it didn’t happen accidentally. The main feature of this furniture is the integrated boxes located directly under the mattress. The number and size may vary depending on the position of the wood partitions offered by the manufacturer. Another advantage of this bed is its rounded corners, which not only avoid slid together mattress and sheets during sleep but also protects the user from knocking over things accidentally.


Since you live in small apartments and often work from home, this piece of furniture can make a real difference to their routine. A simple mechanism allows you to sleep and work in one place. When folded, the unit resembles a long covered with a hook that can be lifted if necessary and installed on two sturdy legs. The one-piece mattress and so it is fixed with the help of straps and is regulated by the special mechanism.

Butterfly Round Glass

This tempered glass roundtable is mainly designed for 4-people. It’s equipped with the system that allows it to expand and significantly increase its size. The mechanism is activated by turning the worktop and pushing too glass half circles which automatically fixed on both sides. When unfolded, this table can comfortably accommodate up to 8-people. This table has got the angled metal legs that make this table highly resistant.

Suite Furniture

This huge wooden piece of furniture is one of the most versatile on a list. The frame and the three cushions included in the kit can be converted into an armchair, small sofa, 2-types of the table, several shelves and a desk. To change the design, the owner doesn’t need additional tools — all physical strength. The manufacturer has made sure that the process is as simple as possible and takes just a few minutes.


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