Saturday, November 11

7 Basic Steps to Follow for Courier Business

Courier is defined as an act of moving parcels and packages from point A to point B for a fee. Courier business is a lucrative one but there are tons of considerations before putting up one. Some may have an idea how to start a courier company, some will be lost at first, but you can be your own boss and financially independent.

Whether you are new to the logistics and delivery business or have been working for one, there are great tips to follow when you embark on your own. Read them below:

  • Create a business plan

All businesses must have a framework or plan. It will include the mission, vision, competitive prices, expenses, and profit margins. In this plan, it should clearly state the process on how to make money and the work coverage. It will also indicate how you will obtain new business and keeping your potential clients happy. A business plan is your sheet of the overall look of your future company.

  • Choose the types of packages you will offer and the service areas

Find out which parcels and packages that your company would like to deliver from one place to another. However, this will be answered if you know the resources you have. It will start with the kind of vehicles you will be using; it can be trucks or bicycles. In terms of the service area, decide whether your company will only cater to your own city or local region. Always consider the areas you are equipped to cover. It will always depend on you and your resources.

  • Pick the right pricing structure

When you set the prices of your delivery services, always consider your overhead business. Make sure that the pricing structure will cover the vehicle maintenance, fuel, service costs, and other expenses such as marketing costs, internet charges, and salary of your employees. In this way, you would know if you are making a profit.

  • Get permits and licenses

Ensure to get the proper licenses and permits you need for your business. Do your research on the kinds of permits you will need when running your courier business. You can do this by talking to a business lawyer or ask the local government office about it.

  • Obtain insurance

This is very important part of the business. It will help your company not be held personally liable when the packages are lost during the delivery or damaged. Keep in mind the courier insurance is usually inexpensive and you should talk to your lawyer about this. Also, your vehicles must have insurance as well as your employees.

  • Hire and train your staff

After establishing the company, you should start hiring the right staff that will help you run the business. Depending on the size of your company, you will be able to know how many employees you should hire and train. You will have deliver people who can transport the parcels and packages smoothly and efficiently. Look for drivers with clean driving records and staff that are physically fit to carry items. Administrative staffs are also needed: deals with clients, concerns, and complaints. There should be someone attending to your sales and customer needs. Always conduct training with new employees and present them the company they will be working. In this way, they can work efficiently.

  • Market your company

Now that you have started your own courier business, it is time to promote your business. Tell people what your company can do for them. There is the traditional advertising involving radio ads, newspaper/magazine ads, or even TV ads. For modern marketing, you can promote it online using social media or creating a business website. You can also do it manually by giving out business cards to your friends and colleagues. Moreover, you can talk to people in your neighborhood; word of mouth.

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