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A brief guide to residential painting services in Loudoun County, Virginia

residential painting services

Is your plaster peeling off your walls, or does your ceiling have a worn look? And is your drywall crying for repair? These signs point towards one thing: your house immediately needs a fresh coat of paint. Here is a brief guide to residential painting services in Loudoun County Virginia.

But what causes fading, cracks, and discoloration in paints? Well, there are several reasons behind that. If you stay in Loudoun County in the northern part of Virginia, the top reasons could be high humidity, prolonged sun exposure, termite infestation, and efflorescence.

When that happens, you should find licensed painters specializing in residential painting Loudoun County VA, including interior and exterior areas and additional areas per your home’s requirements.

However, before you hire paint professionals, these are some things you must know about their services.

Reasons to get your home painted

Getting your house painted has plenty of benefits, which are not just aesthetic but also structural. It covers the wear and tears on the walls that manifest as chippings, scratches, and holes.

Choosing bright colors like red, yellow, and orange energize you from within, while dark navy, soft black, and light taupe make your room look bigger.

Most of all, painting your home in Loudoun County in Virginia also has real estate benefits, increasing your property’s value by almost 2,000 USD.

What kind of services do professionals provide?

Even though the specific range of services provided by painting companies in Loudoun County in Virginia might vary, most cover the interior and exterior of a residential property.


These refer to all the areas situated within the home, including the kitchen, trims, ceiling, basement, bathroom, and kitchen cabinets. It is vital to paint each of these, as they carry distinct advantages.


Not painting the trims causes your fully painted room to wear an incomplete look, while unpainted trims stand out as odd. Usually, painters prefer starting the painting process with the trims before moving on to other areas because it’s easier to paint them separately.

Kitchen cabinets

Painting the kitchen cabinets lends them a new, refreshed look. You can choose from one of your favorite colors, although the trending colors amongst homeowners in Loudoun County in 2022 are Dutch gray, crisp ocean, evening forest, willow bark, and bear blue lake.

Painting your cabinets also minimizes the chances of having them replaced. The cost of a new set in Loudoun County is between 5,000 USD to 15,000 USD, a significant amount to pay when you have a cheaper and more efficient alternative.

Basements also require a fresh coat of paint, especially in places like Loudoun County. Where most homes have damp basements because of high moisture content.

Although anti-condensation paint is incapable of absorbing moisture already present in the air. It enhances your wall’s thermal performance, making it better at absorbing and retaining heat, thus reducing the chances of dampness significantly.


The exterior services include the fence and deck painting and staining. Which are vital in protecting them against rot, discoloring, and fading. Staining the fence and deck is also helpful, as it prevents premature rotting, limits the amount of UV damage, and increases its lifespan.

Additional services

Besides the services mentioned above, painters in Loudoun County offer additional services like accent walls, faux painting, wood paneling, epoxy floors, and wallpaper removal.

Do painters need a license in Virginia?

You should hire only licensed painters in Loudoun County. Since the State of Virginia requires all painters to require a state-issued license and local registration. Before undertaking any major project.

Hiring experienced painters for residential painting in Loudoun County, VA, will help give your home a new and refreshed look. Besides looking good, it will improve indoor air quality, raise real estate value, and increase your home’s longevity.

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