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Benefits of using Sustainable Water Bottles

Sustainable Water Bottles

Aren’t water bottles just lovely things? They let you quench your thirst while storing your beverage safely. On a hot summer’s day, they are indispensable. But here’s the thing. Next time you hold the bottle in your hand, see what material has been used to manufacture it. If it’s plastic, it might be time to replace it with sustainable water bottles. Those give you the same benefits while letting you do your bit for the environment. While plastic bottles may seem irreplaceable at first, you will be much better off discarding them at the earliest. What are the benefits of using sustainable water bottles, and are they worth it? Find out.

Why are bottles made of plastic so bad?

Plastic bottles are bad for you as well as for the environment. Water in plastic containers exposes you to harmful toxins like BPA (Bisphenol A), which interferes with the body’s natural hormones. Phthalates, a kind of toxin found in plastic bottles, cause considerable damage to the lungs, liver, and kidneys. Almost 80% of such plastic ends up in landfills, while 8 million tonnes of plastic is released into the ocean each year, significantly upsetting the marine habitat.

Benefits of using sustainable water bottles

For a healthy living

Drinking from a reusable water bottle will save you from the significant health hazards of using plastic ones. Non-plastic bottles are usually made from metal and glass and don’t contain any toxins or harmful chemicals. They also don’t have microplastics which are less than five millimeters and can’t be seen by the naked eye.


Most plastic bottles are designed by manufacturers for one-time use only. Moreover, every time you use them, they will experience some wear and tear. Stainless steel bottles, for example, on the other hand, are known to last at least twelve years.

Enhanced storage capacity

An average plastic bottle can hold just 473 milliliters of water, whereas a sustainable one will contain 946 milliliters. Using a reusable bottle will save you the need for refilling several times a day. Since you will be carrying more water throughout the day, you will also be consuming more water which is good for the body.

Greater functionality

It is much easier to fill a reusable water bottle than it is to fill a plastic one. Most disposable ones have a tiny opening, and filling them can be a challenge. On the other hand, reusable ones have sufficiently spaced openings, making them easier to fill from taps, fountains, or other water bodies.

They are economical

Although it sounds unbelievable at first, it is true in the long run. Reusable bottles require you to invest just once and enjoy the returns for a long time. Non-reusable bottles, however, have to be bought each time you need a drink. Of course, you could use the same bottle several times, but that would come at an enormous cost to your health and well-being.

Come with a lot of features

Sustainable water bottles have a lot of in-built features. Some are leak-proof, while others have flip-tops. Some come with integrated clips that you can attach to a backpack while hiking.

Which sustainable water bottle is the best?

Every sustainable water bottle, whether it is glass or stainless steel, is advantageous in its way. Drinking water from a glass bottle brings out the pure taste of the water, and they are safe. Stainless steel bottles are durable, free from toxins, recyclable, steel insulated, resistant to corrosion, have anti-rusting properties, and maintain the flavor of the beverage contained in them.

These are some of the benefits of choosing sustainable water bottles over plastic ones. They are healthier, economical, and stylish in every way and let you do your bit for the environment simultaneously.

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