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Benefits to Get Your Master Degree in Marketing from Netherland

The Master in Marketing in Netherland trains professionals capable of achieving a competitive advantage in the development of marketing strategies that allows them to:

  • Identify high potential markets and segments.
  • Generate and apply market intelligence to understand consumer purchasing processes and understand the mechanisms that govern their decisions in different markets.
  • Develop strategies for the positioning, launch and marketing of products and services.
  • Apply the right tools to establish relationships with customers and generate loyalty to the brand and the company.
  • Generate brand value that translates into high profits.

Graduate Profile

At the end of the Master degree in marketing from universities in Netherland, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the effects of local and global consumer trends through the analytical use of market intelligence tools.
  • Identify the opportunities and market segments relevant and actionable for the company.

Develop innovation processes and strategies that translate into the profitability and sustainability of the company:

  • Brand and product strategies.
  • Price and profitability strategies.
  • Distribution and marketing strategies.
  • Comprehensive communication strategies.
  • Sales strategies and customer relations.
  • Design, implement and manage competitive strategic marketing plans.

 Master degree in Marketing in Netherland Program objectives

To train professionals after study in Netherland with high-level skills, capable of applying, managing and evaluating the main marketing techniques and tools for making decisions that help to achieve market satisfaction by solving the management problems of organizations that contribute to the sustainability of their development, to the knowledge society and to the change of the productive matrix.

For the professional who is passionate about the commercial and strategic area, the Master’s Degree in Commercial Management and Strategic Marketing seeks to develop the skills of planning, administration and control to define the commercial strategy of an organization, contributing to the development of business through the creation of products and the implementation of innovative marketing strategies with the purpose of segmenting markets to overcome the challenges of different industries and contribute to the sustainability of the organization.

With a focus on strategic marketing, the program offers the professional or specialist the necessary tools to determine the current and future needs of customers and locate new market niches through the design of an action plan focused on achieving the expected results.

Check out the universities in the Netherlands from where you can study get your Master degree in marketing.

  • University of Amsterdam | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Course Name: MSc Business Administration (Marketing)

Duration of the course is 1 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 16,850 Euro

Exam Accepted – IELTS 6.5/9 | TOEFL 92/120

  • Maastricht University |Maastricht, Netherlands

Course Name: MSc in International Business with a specialization in Strategic Marketing

Duration of the course is 1 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 13,000 Euro

Exam Accepted – GMAT 650/800 | IELTS 6.5/9 | TOEFL 90/120

  • Tilburg University Tilburg |Netherlands

Course Name: Marketing Analytics

Duration of the course is 1 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 14,500 Euro

Exam Accepted –IELTS 6.5/9 | TOEFL 90/120

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Netherlands

Course name: Master in Business and Management – Marketing

Duration of the course is 2 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 17,300 Euro

Exam Accepted –IELTS 7.5/9 | TOEFL 100/120

  • Radboud University | Netherlands

Course name: M.Sc. in Business Administration – Marketing

Duration of the course is 1 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 9879 Euro

Exam Accepted –IELTS 6.5/9 | TOEFL 90/120

  • Vrije University Amsterdam |Netherlands

Course name:  Master in Marketing

Duration of the course is 1 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 14600 Euro

Exam Accepted –IELTS 7.0/9 | TOEFL 100/120

  • University of Groningen | Netherlands

Course name: MSc in marketing

Duration of the course is 1 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 14200 Euro

Exam Accepted –IELTS 6.5/9 | TOEFL 90/120

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