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Cabinet with glass doors and Shelves

Top and Best Cabinet with glass doors and Shelves

Cabinet with glass doors with shelves that can be moved to desired heights with the traditional wooden ladder system. Solid wood bookcases painted, pickled, colored, different shades available; it is possible to combine different colors for the visible and internal parts.

Take a look at the top glass Cabinet with glass doors available this year. We want to provide you with the best up-to-date data and therefore we make sure to keep our website and our information up to date. You may consider our information to be suitable, as it has been recognized in the market for more than a decade.

Black lacquered Cabinet with 3 sliding glass doors

Black Lacquered Cabinet

Removable Cabinet with glass doors, externally lacquered in antique and worn black, polished walnut/cherry interior. Base, sides, and top in solid fir blackboard, shelves, and doors in solid wood, back in 8 mm plywood with vertical parquet-like grooves. The two side sliding doors have 5 mm thick ground and tempered glass – tempered glass is about 6 times stronger than normal float glass and if it breaks it shatters into small pieces (like car glass). The central door is worked in a grid, Inglesina type. The internal shelves in solid wood can all be moved with the traditional “ladder” system.

Dimensions: maximum frame 295×46, side 285×41, useful depth of the shelves 32, max-height 226 centimetres.

It is possible to lacquer it in any other shade and combination of colors, or it can be polished in walnut color.

Cabinet with 3 sliding glass doors in dove gray and white antique lacquer

antique white finish

LB63 series bookcase in wood with 3 sliding doors with glass, the two sides with tempered and ground glass, the central door with an English-style grid. Movable shelves in solid wood with a traditional ladder system. Back with parquet effect vertical milling. Two-tone antique lacquer: white interior, dove gray exterior. Fully removable bookcase, available in any other shade and degree of antiquing.

Dimensions: side 285×41, max (frame at the top) 295×46, height 226 cm.

Cabinet with 3 sliding doors in antiqued ivory white lacquer

This series Cabinet with glass doors, all-white finish with antiqued external parts. Three sliding doors, a central “Inglesina” type door, solid wood shelves adjustable to heights of your choice. Fully removable bookcase: sides, dividers, base and top in solid fir blackboard; doors, shelves, and frames in solid linden; backs in plywood with vertical milling with parquet effect.

Cabinet with 3 sliding doors antique white finish

antique white finish

LB63 series bookcase with sliding doors, antique white one-color finish.

Cabinet with glass doors closed lower part in dove gray and antique white

Amtique -white
Removable bookcase with 3 sliding doors from the Cabinet decor, same materials, and dimensions. All the doors have tempered glass in the upper part and closed panel in the lower part, 5 movable shelves with a ladder system per compartment (3 total compartments). Lacquered finish in any shade and color combination, more or less antique. The bookcase in the photo has a two-tone finish, antique dove gray for the external parts, ivory white in the internal parts.

Shelving, lacquered, and polished wooden bookcases with shades/colors of your choice, movable shelves, sliding doors.

TV stand Cabinet with 2 sliding glass doors

Bookcase – Tv stands in wood, lacquered in aged ivory with the polished interior. Two sliding doors on the sides on a single track, 4 mm ground and tempered glass (much more resistant than normal glass). Plywood backs with parquet effect milling. Central part used as a TV cabinet with 2 drawers (DVD holder, videocassettes, …) with total extraction and soft motion closure, a shelf with 2 open compartments for decoders, DVD players, or other, and a top-shelf that can be positioned on different heights. The side compartments for bookcase use have 4 solid wood shelves each, which can be moved with the traditional “ladder” system. The same bookcase is also available with the central compartment completely free with movable shelves, or with only the decoder/reader shelf or with only the chest of drawers.

Dimensions in centimetres: max length at the cornice 320, side length 310, side depth 42 (cornice 47), useful depth of the shelves 36, width of the central TV compartment about 120, depth of drawers 27, useful height of drawers 16, open compartments 56 length x 36 depth x 10 height. Total height 225 cm.

Cabinet with sliding doors with dove gray and wood finish TV stand

TV stand bookcase with sliding doors, a variant of LB65 with two-tone dove gray finish with backs and shelves in wood color. Sliding doors with closed panels at the bottom.

Cabinet with sliding doors and TV stand, ivory white and wood finish

This Cabinet with glass doors with a closed part in the doors, an example of a two-tone finish with backs and chest of drawers in wood color, exposed parts and shelves in antique ivory white.

TV Cabinet with sliding doors, a small model of 240 cm

Two-tone wood bookcase, bookcase with 2 lateral sliding doors with closed panels at the bottom and glass at the top (ground and tempered). The central part is used as a TV stand with a chest of drawers and a central open compartment for DVD players, decoders …

Dimensions: max-width and depth in the cornice 251×46 cm; on the side 241×41 cm; max-height 225 cm; TV compartment width 114 cm; open compartment drawer unit 55x16h, depth 33 cm.

Shelves that can be moved in all 3 compartments, in thick solid wood, with traditional wooden ladders (rack) system. Structure (sides, dividers, top, and base) in solid fir blackboard; doors, shelves, and frames in solid lime or tulipwood; backs in plywood with vertical (or smooth) milling; chest of drawers in solid linden / tulipier wood with internal parts of the drawers in solid fir. Finishes with shades/colors on request; in the photo, the TV stand bookcase is antique white lacquered with a chest of drawers and backs in wood color. Also available entirely lacquered, monochrome, or combination of colors of your choice.

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