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Three Businesses Emergencies that Everyone Should Aware of

Emergencies happen in the world of business. No matter what size or where your business is based you will eventually experience an emergency situation. This can range from a financial emergency where you are worried if you can afford to pay off your bills or debts to an environmental emergency where anything to fire or flood can damage your business and its assets.

  • Financial Emergencies

Financial emergencies in business are extremely serious and can be very difficult to get out off. This is why it’s extremely important to ensure you have a financial plan to ensure you don’t run into money problems. Keeping personal and business accounts separate is crucial if you want to avoid problems later down the line. Mixing the two accounts can lead to unpaid debts and mix-ups in taxation which will have a huge impact on your business. One of the best ways to avoid financial emergencies is to make sure you’re not in business alone, having business partners or even creating partnerships will fellow businesses can ensure you have an extra layer of security.

  • Staff Emergencies

When your business grows or if you are already lucky enough to have a business big enough for a team of staff you may run into staffing problems. This can be unfortunate events like heavy road problems and illness making you down on staff numbers for a day or it can be long-term problems such as several staff members leaving your business at the same time. As the recruitment staff for new staff members can take a long time and it’s important you don’t overspend on staff it is crucial to have a plan. One of the key ways is secure your business is to have freelancers, part-time staff, and interns. These will be people that work for your business when needed. It may even be the case they don’t even work in the physical location where the business is. In the modern world, customer services via phone and email and running a social media account can all be done from different locations to where the business is based. To avoid a serious staff emergency it is crucial you plan your staff rota well in advance. This will not only make it easy for you to manage your staff, it will also increase staff morale as they will be able to plan their social life more in advance.

  • Environmental Emergencies

Environmental emergencies are unfortunately something that can’t be avoided. Fire and flood damage can impact your business for a very long time and in a lot of cases has closed businesses forever. There are three main things you should do to ensure an environmental emergency doesn’t close your business.
Firstly, ensure your business. This may be a costly investment for some businesses but it will be worth it. This will not only cover damage to the physical building but will also cover the stock damaged. It may even be the case that loss of earnings to staff will be covered by insurance as well, this means you won’t lose key staff members over the course of time your building is closed.

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Secondly, make flood and fire plans. A flood plan should include moving all potential dangerous objections above ground level. This includes computers, TV, and other electrical items. Turning off all electric and gas at the main switch is also very important as this will prevent further damage from the flood. It is also extremely important no one enters the building until it is deemed safe as flood and fire damage can be extremely dangerous.

Thirdly, make sure you have the contact details of an emergency cleaning company. Some cover fire or damage but a company such as CleanSafe that covers a variety of emergencies can allow your business to be up and running again in a short amount of time. Bringing in professional cleaners is crucial for any business where customers enter your location, as it will ensure the business is 100% safe to enter. Attempting to clean the business yourself or with your staff is not only extremely dangerous but will also led to further problems such as illness later on.

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