Sunday, November 12

Is Online shopping Really Cheap?

The internet has proved to be a great resource for shoppers to consider the vast range of choices of products to buy and a number of valuable ways to save their money. E-commerce websites have allowed customers to overcome the geographical barriers as it has allowed them to purchase anytime and from anywhere. The traditional markets and online markets have different strategies for conducting their businesses.

Due to the shelf space, the traditional sellers showcase less variety of products whereas online retailers hold no inventory as they directly send the customer order to the manufacturer. Furthermore, the pricing strategy of traditional sellers is based on the store traffic and the cost to hold the inventory in stock whereas the pricing strategy of online retailers is based on the speed of delivery.

The online stores are highly competitive with not just other online stores but also with the traditional stores. There are price-comparison websites that make deal hunting at ease and guide the online customers to the online websites with the best reputes by the reviews submitted by past online buyers.

Online shopping can have numerous benefits that they are almost never closed, no parking difficulties, the online customers rarely have to deal with the aggressive sale representative nor they have to face unavoidable crowds while waiting in long queues to check out. In major cities where traffic issue seems to be rising, online shopping can save the buyer from getting exposed to unpleasant weather and pollution, allowing them to shop in their pajamas as they do not need to travel. Moreover, the online shopping can save you money especially when it comes to free shipping, online discount codes, no-tax-charged, sending gifts directly to your friends on your behalf and often have more flexibility to make decisions while comparing their product with the competitor’s price.

The retailers mostly do not offer the same deals in the physical store as they offer at their online store. The reason behind is the cost incurred in running that physical store which mainly includes the rent of the space occupied by the store, the electricity utilized, the payrolls of the staff hired to run the operations of the stores smoothly and the shrinkage cost, all these contribute to the overhead of running the physical store in shopping mall.

With the emergence of online shopping form E-commerce websites, retailers have become aware of the fact that with an online existence-they are able to meet the needs of their customers by cutting down the cost of operational expenses. Online shopping has experienced a lot of popularity in recent years. Smart retailers are operating with user-friendly sites and direct promotional events, along with appealing customer loyalty programs and effective customer services.

The customer services provided by the store holds major significance. In case of online shopping, it is mostly streamlined with the automatic replies to the queries requested by the online shoppers, or with more professional and trained employees than those confronted in physical stores. Therefore the option for an online chat with customer service representative is always facilitated by the reputable online shopping websites in order to clear any query or confusion of their online customer making the operation even and also they make sure that it is done timely without making the customer for so long.

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