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Life Cycle of World’s First Operating System – Microsoft Windows

Windows Operating System

The Windows, Microsoft is known as a powerhouse of a PC for three years, but the triumph of an industry has never significantly expanded into the smartphone operating system market (the reason was not for a lack of constantly trying, however). Even before grasping an entire flow of mobile OS by Android and iOS, Windows was still losing its image in the eyes of the public against the operating systems like Blackberry and Palm.

In spite the pointed history of Windows OS, a company reinvented the plan of cross-platform compatibility with the launch of Windows 8 on August 01, 2012. By coming on the toes of the official Windows 8 launch, that new mobile platform is developed to provide a seamless transition by the desktop environment.

At a time when the mobile app development companies like Blackberry, HTC, and Nokia were releasing their phones, Microsoft also grasped the flow of releasing an astonishing piece and came up with a whole new line of tablets which featuring the up-to-dated functionalities and software. In a form of theory, the users can simply get an access to their office and other important files anywhere – thanks go to the Windows 8.

Other thanks go to the all clouded computing, which has delivered options of accessing the important files of mobile users to on the go (It shows, Windows got an advantage). It’s an undeniable fact that almost every corporate industry evens a firm is relying on the products of Microsoft Office for daily routine tasks and the Microsoft’s marketing team has pointed this fact on the day of its launch.

New Features

Doesn’t matter if it’s a politeness of cloud solution like an Office 365 or the policies of standard remote accessing policies – the users who have Windows operating system can get rapid access to all of the important and essential documents. The thing which Microsoft has done extremely well in Windows Phone 8, it’s the swift integration with the existing products and services of Microsoft.

The other latest features that added in it were better keyboard accessibility, data usage monetizing, quad-core support, and a most important – powerful camera application. Out from the flow of uniqueness, Android and iOS are already surfing proficiently with such features.

There are some problems which occur in Windows operating system – lack availability of dedicated developer and an integration of lackluster social media. The Microsoft has clearly a loss to develop dedicated flow in the products through a standpoint of development. It contains 6% shares in a worldwide marketing platform; obviously, it has become congested to convince the development team to leave the Android and iOS, even just for a single moment.

The social media integration has failed to step up on the phase of expectations which were set through the competitive platforms; besides everything, Microsoft has done a great job by improving an entire social experience with making better its proprietary products.

User Experience

The Windows operating system is based on “Tiles”. It is highly customizable which contain the information on everything through social media to texture to local weather. Moreover, it’s not modernized as the widget system operates on Android, these tiles deliver the update in ongoing time and offer helpful, through glance information.

For the beginner smartphone device users, an interface is quite easy to use – literally, the tiles made it easy for them; although it’s not so instinctive.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we had learned about the lifestyle of one of the earliest operating system that’s how it started, flowed on its mid as well as the cons and pros of it. Well, it simply shows us that it contains a mega stage on the platform of smartphone OS platform, but it is not wrong by saying that an Android and iOS have left it behind the ages when they launched in the market. We simply hope that Windows can bring more joy in their flow for users.

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