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What are the Rules for Successful Business?

Most people are aware of the fact that doing business can give huge profit that can even reach millions and billions. This is why, among most people, only a few unique people start doing their business. However, the worst part is most of the people among these great people do not become successful. Hence Rules for successful business should be followed.

They invest their all assets, money, strength, energy, and everything, but business does not get a hit. The reasons for this may reflect in the steps they lift or apply to their business that might not get the expected results. The leading cause of this making mistakes while taking the decisions.

The mistake they commit engulfs their overall confidence and costs them money, energy, and time. Sometimes, they face a huge loss that draws their confidence, and they do not think of even starting a business. Running is at another level.

According to Christians and Jews, Prophet Moses and his people are conferred to follow ten commandants to achieve a successful life and hereafter. In this blog, you shall be seeing the five commandants so that a person can create a million-dollar business.

The wisdom you will learn help you earn money and help create a big fortune through your business.

When you study the successful business story, that business had definitely followed these commandants. These commandants will help you to make yourself passive for your business and to have a successful one.

This blog has been written after taking inspiration from a book where the author tells these commandants with another term called cents.

It all starts with two words- CENT commandments

C is for Control

A person works his own created workspace and runs his daily lifestyle while another person works on other’s workspace and earns his survival. Now analyze which of the person, according to business, possesses a good position.

Obviously, the first person, not because he has his land but has complete control over his work. The other person is working on someone’s workspace, and if something happens badly, this will hit his surviving potential and out in danger.

It means any kind of business must be held with full potential and under control. Controlling your actions and results can be counted as the best way to grow your commandants. As far as possible, control your life and business.

E is for Entry


This commandment asks us a substantial question of how difficult or easy to allow someone to have the same kind of business as you have. A person started his business career with snacks. He was facing a lot of profits in the beginning, but it is very easy for anyone to enter that business.

When people see that this kind of business can help them earn several profits, they also went for it. The person who started this business was forced to give discounts on it. His rivals did the same by giving more and more discounts.

The series of giving discounts did not stop, and the moment came when the business started experiencing losses, and in the end, he had to shut down his business.

Do remember the business you choose must have some difficulty and challenge for others. The business must have the potential to solve big problems because you can do that small business to a significant business level. Otherwise, more competitions can impact profits, making you unable to get a high response.

If a random person is copying your business, this simply means that you are not following the second commandment.

N is for Need

Commercial Real Estate

This is the central point of all commandments. The main reason for doing business is to solve a problem. If you are making someone’s work easy by making communications, saving manpower, giving better services at low rates, then you are following this commandant.

T is for Time

Long Hours

If your business always needs you to comply with the business things, you will not do a big business but create a big job. The truth is most people are making this mistake while creating their business. The maximum people tend to sell their time for money which is ultimately wrong.

Suppose you have a shop that runs only with my efforts, and if for one day you skip going there, this will cost you a huge amount. This means you are earning money in exchange for time, which is again wrong. If you hire someone for this, your income will get independent from your time.

This is only the way to create a huge business and help you in earning in billions. Therefore, the fourth commandment suggests you never earn money in exchange for your time but develop a system that will help retain the time.

S is for Scale

FD Calculator Tool

This is the last commandment of CENT. This commandment asks you whether your product and service can be replicated or not or taken on a high level or not with scaling.

Suppose you are a calendar artist who draws the best paintings, different from others. It means others cannot make your art. When people see your various work, they fill with the demand for attaining your paintings. This will make you earn a lot.

The problem is, your time is limited. Your productivity is not matching with the demand made by the customers. Your business is not scalable. Since nobody can replicate your work, you cannot hire someone with the same skills. You can take out long term loans for bad credit from direct lenders.

You will be able to attend to only five clients, and thus, in that case, you cannot make your business grow.  The type of business you must consider can handle at least the maximum numbers of clients in a day. This will absolutely grow your business.


Today, online entrepreneurship is set on boom and software companies to earn many profits because making software does not create any issue in a business. Once you make software, you can copy it multiple times and sell it to thousands of customers.


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