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8 Silent Kidney Damaging Habits

Kidney Damaging Habits

No matter whatever disease we talk about, certain risk factors increase the chances of developing a certain disease. Several disease risk factors can be prevented while many others can’t be avoided. We know that you can’t change much about the uncontrollable risk factors as you can’t alter your genes or change your susceptibility towards a particular disease.

But when it comes to preventable risk factors, there is much more than could be done. Here, I’m directed towards your lifestyle habits that are the biggest red flag of diseases.

Kidney problems and lifestyle habits

Kidney problems are no exceptions to this generalization. Being a burden on global health, kidney  damaging habits are quite common and are affecting a significant proportion of the human population. Just like other diseases, kidney problems also come with their fair share of bad habits as a responsible cause.

Knowing this came to me as a surprise when I went to a renowned nephrologist in Rawalpindi after suffering from kidney pain. In case you are also wondering what these kidney damaging habits can be, read the following piece where I’m adding some of these common kidney damaging habits.

What are some kidney damaging habits?

Some of the kidney damaging habits are;

1- Eating excess protein

Although it is commonly believed that there is no such thing as too much protein, this is not true. The consumption of too much protein can be harming your kidneys without you even knowing it. This is particularly targeted to the animal protein whose consumption in excessive amounts can compromise the body’s ability to eliminate acid, leading to a condition known as acidosis that adversely affects the kidneys health.

2- Excess salt consumption

People suffering from cardiac health problems are asked to refrain from too much salt consumption because it can lead to high blood pressure (that also increases the risk of kidney problems). High sodium diets can also affect kidney functioning and induce kidney fibrosis and hypertrophy, said a renowned physician from city medical complex Rawalpindi. Moreover, too much salt consumption can be a cause of kidney stones.

3- Excessive use of painkillers

Most people use painkillers to reduce the pain immediately however, some people become addicted to consuming pain killers. Particularly, over the counter medicines have made it more difficult than before as the over usage of these medicines is unknowingly damaging your kidneys. Other than kidney damage, these diseases are also known to increase the risk of kidney cancers.

4- Processed food

Processed food or your midnight junk food cravings might be damaging your kidneys. Being rich in sodium and phosphorus, these foods are making kidney diseases unavoidable. The damage due to junk or processed food isn’t only limited to kidneys but also results in potential weight gain and obesity turning on diabetes.

5- Not sleeping properly

I understand you have a lot of work to do, we all have! But do you know disturbing your sleep routine for working is the worst thing that one could do to himself? Your work can wait but your kidneys can’t and can get irreversible damage. The reason is pretty clear that your body functioning is regulated by your sleep-wake routine.

6- Too much sugar

Just as salt, sugar is equally bad for your kidney health too for obvious reasons. Foods with high sugar content can add to the burden on your kidneys and can hurt them. Consuming too much sugar can induce diabetes which affects the filtration efficacy of kidneys and they no longer remain capable of filtering proteins that then appear in your urine.

7- Exposure to contrast dyes

There are certain substances present in dyes used for imaging that can enter your bloodstream and adversely affect kidney functioning. The sudden decrease in kidney function can make you susceptible to several kidney health problems.

8- Not staying hydrated

When it comes to kidney health, we can’t deny the role of water. Staying hydrated can help your kidneys to function smoothly. Sufficient water can aid the kidney in the removal of toxins from the body but you know that not drinking enough water can be potentially damaging for your body.

Bottom Line!

Your kidney health depends upon many factors and all these above-mentioned habits can be silently damaging your renal health. Therefore, it is recommended to take care of your lifestyle practices to have healthier kidneys and in case of any problem immediately go to a nephrologist.


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