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Steps To Make Your Website Google-Proof

Google keeps on changing its algorithms and updating them from time to time. Google Proofing your website refers to protecting your site from such algorithms. We all want Google to love us and make sure that none of our search engine traffic is lost because of any algorithm update. Google’s recent update “Panda” affected a lot of large and small websites because of low-quality content. So if you are worried about such updates, then look no further. In this article, we will tell you some steps to make your Website Google-Proof.

No Duplicate Content

Having content that is copied or matches with any other site might bring problems for your website. Google has become strict and penalizes sites heavily for the duplicate content. It also doesn’t index the duplicate content on its search results. So make sure you create your own fresh and unique content and promote it. You can take ideas from different sources and create unique content of your own. Relying your SEO on automated and duplicate content is never the best practice.

Follow Google Rules

Never try to make your own rules and ditch Google’s. Google with the help of its algorithms and structures identifies every single aspect of your website. So make sure you do not do anything contrary to Google’s rules. Find what Google wants you to do and what it doesn’t and then go forward with the SEO of your website.

Content Is Always The King

The Panda Algorithm’s primary focus was to remove the low-quality content from Google Search results. Google now and then keeps on deleting the material that is not of good quality as well as unoriginal. So you must write interesting and quality articles for your website. Google crawls the content of your site and brings that content on top which it deems to be fit thus resulting in higher ranking.

Stop Buying Links

To get faster results, websites tend to buy links from different websites or indulge in link exchanges. Most of the times these sites turn out to be spammy resulting in spammy links on your website. Google starts considering such links as spam and most of the times eliminates such websites or imposes heavy penalties.

Do Not Stuff Keyword

Another significant step to make your website stay safe from Google is to use your keywords naturally. Stuffing keywords in your content make Google think that you are spamming and it removes your content from search results. So insert the keyword in a natural manner and wherever necessary. Plan for content marketing and focus on natural keywords.

Proper SEO Setup

As per its algorithms, Google always rewards the content which is refined, is of high quality as well as attractive. But if the SEO techniques you have used are improper then no matter how good your content is, you will not get useful results. Google needs to interpret your content and know the keywords you are ranking for, and that is only possible if you have a proper SEO strategy. On-site SEO techniques prove very beneficial in this regard.

So, to stay safe and unaffected by Google’s updating algorithms, you must make sure that you follow these steps and make your website a Google-Proof website.

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