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The most beautiful cafes in Frankfurt

Are you planning to visit Germany this year? Then Frankfurt must be high in your priorities. You can get cheap flights to Frankfurt now and travel with ease. Spending time in cafes is a real joy when you visit other cities and in Frankfurt cafes, there are not only delicious tartlets lure, but also the smell of strong coffee entices are there to stay and linger. Where else can you relax in a big city and escape everyday life for a while, then in one of the numerous and very different, atmospheric cafés.

Get to know the best cafes to spend time in the main financial center of Germany.

  • Espressionist

If you are looking for great coffee that sets you apart from the trendy crowd, then the Espressionist – very close to the Skyline Plaza – is the place for you. In the second branch, specialty coffee is served in the midst of a very sympathetic workshop character. The owners of the Espressionist are particularly committed to filter coffee. This retains its special aroma in a light roasting, which is then enhanced even more by a long brewing time. Sweet treats like DasEis from Wiesbaden are also available for those with a sweet tooth.

  • Mola

Mola means time out in Turkish – and that’s what the cosy neighborhood cafe with its 50s look and living room atmosphere is all about. Whether with delicious coffee and home-made cake or Turkish specialties: the cafe invites you to relax and stay. In the kitchen, the owner’s aunt conjures up delicacies such as pumpkin cream soup with crème Fraiche and chili threads, or börek with spinach and shepherd’s cheese. Vegans also get their money’s worth with potato balls and sesame, dill, parsley or paprika. Also recommended are the vitamin bombs of the house: freshly squeezed juices, own ice tea, and lemonades.

  • Schönhauser

Not far from the Galluswarte is the Schönhauser: a coffee house in the style of a Berlin vintage, which is reminiscent of Grandma’s classic retro apartment. The cosy feel-good atmosphere invites the most diverse visitors to linger. The breakfast menus are lovingly named after famous Frankfurt squares. From Wednesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm, you can choose between sweet, classic, hearty, relaxed and seaworthy breakfast options. Including the vegetarian breakfast Grüneburgpark (7, 40 €) with tomato, mozzarella, brie, cranberries, sliced cheese and fresh fruit or the seaworthy breakfast Eiserner Steg (9, 40 €) with smoked salmon, creamy horseradish, and homemade tuna spread. The Schönhauser lunch menu offers from Wednesday to Saturday between 11:

  • Waffle House

The Waffle House spoils its guests on the Berger Street with heart waffles, powdered sugar, crumbles and delicious sauce for € 2.60. For just 60 cents more, there are fruit or candy toppings (Snickers, Nutella, Toffifee) to it. Vegan, lactose-free and soya waffles are also available on request. For 3, 60 € you can also have a tasty shake made of two scoops of ice cream and two toppings (either fruit or chocolate). The vegan variety is prepared without ice, but with soy and fruits. Warm drinks such as Turkish mocha, cocoa, latte macchiato, and cappuccino, as well as chai latte with mango, vanilla, matcha or green tea flavor, are also available. The gigantic highlight: a waffle cake made of four waffles with filling.

  • MochaTeeria – Bread & Sweets

Anyone assuming that MokkaTeeria is a simple café is wrong. Ömür Kar combines with his concept a bakery with its own production and a café. In addition to classics such as gnocchi, tarte au chocolate, and butter croissants, there are also creative treats such as hearty olive feta muffins, fougasse with olives, rosemary and red pepper and peanut butter cheesecake with a cookie filling and passed raspberries. Among the daily selection of 15 to 16 different seasonal cakes, there are always at least one or two vegan variants. In the midst of oriental decor from all parts of the world, guests can also enjoy aromatic coffee.

  • Bitter & Zart

A very special highlight in Frankfurt is the Bitter & Zart in a stylish salon atmosphere and with its own chocolatier. Here you can spend hours and yet you can never eat the delicious cake, sip on the fantastic roasted coffee or see the beautiful furnishings. Fresh lemon and chocolate tart, rüblikuchen, fruity cakes and the finest patisserie are served daily. Also, a small selection of vegan treats can be found here. In addition to selected teas, there is also coffee from the Jorges roasting house and hot drinking chocolate, just like on a nice old day.

  • Matilda’s Kitchen

If you expect a classic café in Matilda’s Kitchen, you will be taught otherwise. In the lovingly and in detail furnished Kitchen namely delicious cinnamon rolls, Tartes and Cheesecakes are served. On holidays and Saturdays, there are even fresh croissants and bread rolls from the organic bakery “time for bread”. If you like it hearty: also the Quiches and Crumbles are recommended!

This article is written by M Taha Khan. He is a professional blogger and content writer who writes for different blogs as a guest author. He is a passionate traveller, football lover, and a digital marketing executive.

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