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Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe in Morocco

Morocco is one of the delightful experience of the lifetime especially if booked with ViriksonMorocco Holidays. People with continuous doubts about the country will never be able to enjoy the thrill that it is offering. It has famous history, eye-captivating landscapes and people with the best values of hospitality. Well, when I had plans for my journey to Morocco, I was told that it is the most unsafe African country. I like going opposite the voices that want me to stop. Therefore, never let anyone bother me on my decision of planning holidays to Morocco. Every place is somehow unsafe for someone it’s you who have to ensure your own safety either you’re somewhere in Africa, Asia or Europe. People with bad intentions are almost found in every corner of the world.

However, I planned my itinerary which was a very good treat for me. Flights were amazing and hotels were outclassing. The best thing is about the driver who was really good at his job. You land in Morocco and anxiety of being unsafe will surround you. You don’t have to worry about if you’re a real champ. Well, the face of fear and a frightened tourist can make you fall into the pit easily. I personally think that the people of Morocco are good at reading your mind. So, go after learning some of the basic do’s and don’t tricks to be safe in the country.

Avoid The Mishaps by Following 6 Simple Instructions

  1. Don’t Walk Alone If You’re a Woman

As a woman be alert in the night. Take female fellow along or never get alone at midnight especially. It’s not like you’d be looted by the robbers or anything else but it’s quite scary too. The culture of Morocco doesn’t support a woman alone on the streets at night.

  1. Avoid Fancy Jewellery

The jewelry that you are planning to wear should not be flashy. It should be simple and basically, you’re in Morocco for the thrill and exciting experience of the culture. So, enjoy the time like a local. Be modest and don’t show off your richness to others.

  1. Never Carry Your Valuables Along

It’s better to prefer little or no cash while wondering around the streets. Watch out for other valuables that you have as it shows that you have when, even when you don’t carry it along.

  1. Dress Appropriately

There is no shame in following the trends of the land you’re living on. There is a common phrase that says: “when in Rome, do as the Romansdo”.So, dress as their norms. They do dress a little bit like a Europe so you can always go with skirts and short shirts that you like.

  1. Stay Alert Like a Warrior

Have you ever come across any of the soldiers? They are always alert to their surroundings because they are trained this way. Be like them and be aware of what is happening around you. Someone is following you or calling you, simply avoid.

  1. Never Hesitate While Haggling

Haggling seems to be rude but it is the most thrilling and demanding trends to be in Morocco. So, learn some of the common phrases in Arabic or be good french. That will be the craziest drive throughout your journey.

Now, there is no point in delaying the journey you love and choose any of the holiday packages for Morocco and fly to the country of pure adventurous experience.

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