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Tips to be Consider Before Winter Season is Coming

Winter is a season of taking extra care of yourself meanwhile everyone loves the season of winter.It is a season to take out woolens clothes, stylish caps, Coat, and jacket.It is the time to hang out with friends with warm sunshine and having a sip of hot coffee.However, self-care of your self shouldn’t be avoided.Therefore it is essential to learn that how to take care of your skin, Diet, Cloths, and hair.Don’t miss below tips for the healthy Winter season.

  • Wear Warm Clothes

To avoid exposure and change of temperatures wear sufficient woolen clothes and keep yourself warm.Before going out cover yourself with a jacket, woolen caps, gloves, and socks.Layering is always the best choice before going outside in the winter.You can wear a turtleneck under a jacket, undercoat to keep yourself warm.

  • Eat Food that keeps you warm

To take care of cold and flu during winter healthy food is important.In winter season you no need to skip food with extra fat.Because according to Columbia Health healthy fat can help rev up metabolism during winter, Which provides our body heat.Try to eat warmer meal and drinks like hot coffee, Soup etc.

Eat green leafy vegetables like Swiss Chard, kale, and spinach which gives our body anti-inflammatory nutrients to keep a body healthy.Eat plenty of fruits in winter like orange, carrots, tomatoes which grow naturally in winter.Eat plenty of nuts as well.

  • Get Rid of Dry Skin

Everyone faces the problem of dry skin during Winter season.Dry Skin will make our skin rough, flaky and dull.Therefore one must follow some natural remedies tips to moisturize your skin.

  1. Honey-Honey is the best key to keep your skin moist and soft.It contains anti-oxidants and has anti-bacterial properties.Honey not only helps from dryness but also solve other skin related issues like wrinkles, irritation, pimples.
  2. Olive Oil-Olive oil is a source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E and a wonderful moisturizer.Olive oil keeps skin fresh and glowing due to anti-oxidants and prevents the formation of the free radicals.
  3. Aloe Vera-Aloe vera is one of the best natural remedies to prevent dryness in winter.Due to its healing and soothing properties, it helps to exfoliation of the dead and dry skin cells.
  • How to Deal With Cold and Flu?

In winter season we have to face variation in temperatures and hence cause the viral and bacterial infections.You might get repeated attacks of cold, cough if your Immune System is weak.Hydration is important when you suffering from cold.Water is a natural key which heals your body by flushing your system and make you immune system strong.Drink warm water when you have a sore throat and cold.

You can prevent yourself from getting cold and cough by drinking herbal tree made by natural resources like crushed ginger, Basil(Tulsi) leaves and honey.Take a warm steam if you have a blocked nose.You can also get relief from the cold by drinking hot milk with half teaspoonful of turmeric powder.You must also consult to doctor to get rid of cold and flu.

  • Prevent Your Hair

We can’t avoid the fact that dry weather will make our hair dry and rough if right cautions aren’t taken.Due to a lake of moisture scalp become drier in winter.To avoid this take a proper care of your hair.

Massage your hair with warm olive oil which improves blood circulation by moisturizing your scalp. steam your hair with a hot towel for smoother and soft hair.You can also apply lemon juice on the scalp which prevents your hair from dandruff and hair fall.

  • Don’t Miss Workout

Due to the cold weather we neglect exercising in in the winter season and it became difficult to get up early morning. A body became so stiff due to cold and to overcome this exercise is necessary to keep yourself warm to improve circulation. You can choose the option of jogging or walk by fully covered with woolens or does some exercise at home like yoga, cardio. A gym is also a good choice to be active in a winter season.

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