Saturday, November 11

Top 4 Reasons to Rave about Matte Lipsticks

There are several reasons to love matte lipstick, and if you are a true fan, then coming up with a long list of reasons is undeniably an easy task. If you happen to be a die-hard fan, then you surely have an idea of what this means. Matte formulas may seem somewhat dry and weird at first, but once you get the grip of it, you will end up contemplating on giving them up or not.

It’s true that lip-glosses are famous today, and it seems that women no longer shop for matte lipstick online. Some women complain about dry lips, others say their lips appear lifeless. Yes, if your lips do dry a lot, it is best you avoid this but know that matte lipsticks you find today have better formulations that avoid the problem of dry lips.

Here are some of the top reasons you should love matte lipsticks and rave about them more often!

1. Easy Swipe and Wear

If you are not a fan of the sticky and glossy touch of normal lipsticks, then you will love matte, which is the perfect choice. With an easy swipe on your lip, it will cover your lips nicely and give you a fresh look. It glides on your lips effortlessly, makes you look amazing, feel amazing, and gives your lips a natural tint. However, if you still worry about your lips drying out, you can always apply some tinted lip balm to avoid the risks of cracks.

2. It Doesn’t Smudge

Probably, this is one of the top reasons you should love matte lipsticks. If you are a fan of bright, bold colors, then you will know that lip-glosses are not really the best options for you. The first reason is, they smudge easily and transfer. The second reason is they do not last as long as matte. Yes, choosing matte means that your lipstick will not create a mess. It will not smudge and transfer. In fact, most brides prefer to use matte lipsticks for this particular reason, but why not invest in some for everyday use and not just on special occasions!

If you are searching for some bold and awesome matte lipsticks, then My Glamm should be your first choice for matte lipstick online purchase. From red to pink, and other unique colors, you will simply love shopping online for the best-textured matte lipsticks from here.

3. Create Different Lip Looks

Matte lip makeup products are so versatile, and you can wear them for long hours every day creating different looks. You can use it as a base, or a nude color base for another lipstick over it. You can also choose a clear lip-gloss or another colored one to add it to the center of your lips; this will create a luscious look within a minute.

4. It Unfailingly Makes a Statement

For a bold statement in bold colors, matte lipsticks are definitely the perfect choice for you. Its velvety and intense look makes your face the focus area, and you won’t even need to worry about other options to highlight your lips.

Statement lips will do all the talking, so what are you waiting for!

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