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Unlimited Social Media Guide to Drive Traffic To Your E-Commerce store

The Internet has turned out to be the biggest platform where you can target people and drive traffic to your e-commerce store very conveniently sitting in the comfort of your home. However, you need to be sure that the techniques you are applying to drive traffic are profitable for your website or will enable you to target your audiences. If you are not targeting properly, people will visit your website and walk out in minutes. But when you target your audiences, there is a more likelihood that people will visit your website and stick to it for a longer time. The competition is very tough, and the customers are savvier than any time in recent memory, yet don’t stress! Utilizing these strategies, you’ll be on your way to enhancing results in no time! It also helps you get returning visitors. Following are the few things that you can do to drive traffic to your e-commerce store by using social media. Let’s have a look-

  • Upload good quality engaging videos on the social networking sites

Videos work great when it comes to driving traffic to your e-commerce store by using social media. The initial step to successful videos on any social networking stage is to recognize your target. You can keep uploading, sharing and re-sharing the same videos wherever you want to. Make sure the content of the videos are informative, unique and engaging. Videos can enable scale to up your lead generation endeavors by authority, and be building trust after some time. Be active on social media and you are sure to get a huge traffic once you succeed in getting a good number of followers.

  • Post daily deals on social media to attract more people

Daily deals also work great in getting returning visitors as people would keep waiting for new deals. You can go for Magento daily deal extension and put a timer on your homepage. Make people aware of the daily deals and you are sure to drive a huge traffic. Advance a product utilizing social media platform locales by figuring out where your user and potential customers are, and getting your product visible on those websites. When people visit your site and like a product, they will immediately make the purchase as the tempting deals would expire after the end of the day.

  • Use social media to showcase your client’s satisfaction

You can also let your customers share their experiences of using your products. Share few of the best comments on your social networking sites and tag the customers who wrote the reviews. This will give your e-commerce sale more exposure as few of their friends will click on the post and visit your site.     

  • Use Magento extension for your store

Custom Magento extension is another great option that you can use to generate traffic to your website. You can choose the type(s) of extension you want for the website and your wish would be fulfilled. Daily deal extension, quick view extension, product design extension are few of the very popular options that you can opt for. Think from the perspective of a customer and decide which extensions will make their shopping experience better.  

  • Infographics are very eye-catching and can help you drive traffic

You can also hire a graphic designer who can help you design interesting infographics. Post them regularly on Pinterest with a link to your website. Pinterest is a great source of generating organic traffic to your website. Make sure your infographics are eye-catching and something that people would want to click on.


Social media is becoming very popular and it gives you enough power to drive traffic to your online store without any difficulty. With a single action on your part, you can target people residing around the globe. Make your decisions wisely and use the above-mentioned social media tactics to drive traffic to your e-commerce store.


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