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Why Do You Need Whole Life Insurance?

People have been debating over whether to choose whole life insurance or a term life insurance and what is the difference in both the investment types. Both types of insurance are different in their way, but they are adamant about their being the best option and are ready to validate it with reasons. Sometimes you will feel that people might be able to tell you what you need even if they don’t know you fully.

It’s not a good sign, you should make sure to understand yourself and your needs and then decide upon which insurance you want. It would be best if you started questioning yourself on how much insurance cover you need? What kind of insurance plan best suits your lifestyle? And other vital questions which will directly lead you to find a suitable insurance policy which best suits you. 

Taking life insurance is an essential part of an investment portfolio; it will help your loved ones in times of need when you cannot support them. There are two types of insurance plans available, one where your loved ones will get the coverage upon your death or a savings cum insurance cover where you will get some of the amounts you invested once your tenure ends.

You should thoroughly check on everything like the positives and negatives of both plans, the premium payments, and other things before confirming which policy best suits your needs. Only upon the complete analysis, you can opt for life insurance policy

Here are some ‘What if’ factors which you will want to understand for taking a correct decision on choosing your insurance policy:

When your life partner is not able to continue working due to some disabilities, your kids might need special attention or medical care, for fulfilling your kid’s dreams on their education and lifestyle. Whatever might be the reason, when you want a large amount of wealth which can help you cover for your loved ones under unforeseen circumstances. 

You should plan well and analyze the policy details, the premiums you must pay, and other things before choosing the life insurance policy which best suits you. A solid life insurance planning means you have considered everything that might happen when you are not around to support your loved ones. 

Here are the top five enlightenments why you should get a whole life insurance policy:

Assured Death Benefit:

When you are paying your premiums on time as mentioned while issuing your project, you can be sure that your loved ones will get the death benefit under unforeseen circumstances. This type of death benefit cannot revoke it even when you are the insured person himself. The insurance company will provide it only upon your death to your loved ones.

Constant Premium Amount:

When you apply for whole life insurance, your premium amount will be constant throughout the tenure. Also, the premium amount for the life insurance policy will depend upon the age and the income of the insured. Though it will be higher than what you pay for a term life insurance policy, they will stay constant which will help you in managing your cash flow efficiently as you can easily predict the amount which you have to pay towards the policy.

Assured Cash Value Growth:

Cash growth

Whole life insurance is said to earn a relatively lower yield of cash value, but when you ask someone who bought term insurance, they would have invested differently. A whole life insurance policy or the negative returns on their investment account should hold the significant reasons for reconsidering the decisions you may make for yourselves. 

Dividends on Your Life Insurance Policy:

As a life insurer, they will be paying a portion of their profits back to the insured as dividends, which is not likely to look like a publicly owned company paying its stockholders their dividends. Some insurance companies have a track record of paying higher dividends each year which will increase the insured’s cash value towards the policy. 

Minimal Cost for Ownership:


When you are a person who has a planning insight, you know getting life insurance is something you can never avoid. Whole life insurance would offer you a lower cost of ownership than that of a term life insurance policy. A term life insurance policy will be for a more extended period like 30 years. 

The insurance company will use your cash value accumulation in a whole life insurance policy for offsetting their risk of exposure. It will help in your cash growing higher, which will, in hand, decrease your death benefit cost. The more your constant premium applies to the cash value growth of your policy. Also, depending upon the insured’s age, participating dividends paid, cash value accumulation, it could be enough for paying for the policy by allowing you to stop your premium payments.

Lower Cost Access to Your Cash Value:

With whole life insurance, the insurer will provide you with benefits as your cash value which you can always access as a form of loan from your insurance policy. When there is an emergency, your business might need sudden funds, or you might need money for an unexpected medical expense, you can borrow the money and repay it. An unpaid loan value will be handled with your death benefit, and you will have to pay an interest charge for the same.

Final Note:


When you are planning on purchasing life insurance, you should then ask yourself the “What if” questions will not exercise your brain but will also help you in finding a solution for the same. A whole life insurance policy protects you when you live, even provides security for your loved ones when there are any unforeseen circumstances. 

People say that term life insurance will ask for more premiums than that of whole life insurance, but the need for life insurance will never go away. So, making a correct decision and choosing the life insurance which best suits your needs and requirements is more important than just having it as everyone suggests you have.


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