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Why Should One Never Drink And Drive

Drunk and Drive

Drunk driving is easily one of the most common forms of crime committed by the masses. People think that a little amount of alcohol cannot hinder their consciousness, and they are fit to drive a vehicle. One wrong judgment can result in a fatal accident causing damage to property and lives. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of the rules and regulations regarding DUI to be on the safer side. Continue reading this article to learn more about the consequence of drinking and driving in California.

First-Time Offense:

The first offense of drunk driving is seen as a misdemeanor and is punished by up to 5 years in probation. Californian law also ensures that the arrested in question gets his driving license canceled for the next six months. The driver must request a California DMV hearing to assess the severity of his case. If he wins the DMV hearing, he is not convicted or charged with DUI allegations. If however, he is convicted under the DUI charges, he may face the following consequences.

  • In addition to his license getting canceled, he might also face jail time of up to six months. Depending on the county he’s arrested in, he might opt for bail following the protocols. It is better to contact local bail bonds firms for assistance regarding a fast release from jail.
  • Defendants in Santa Barbara may get in touch with the reliable and affordable bail bonds services in Santa Barbara for hassle-free bail. These bondsmen can help him with posting the bail at an affordable rate and provide assistance to navigate the whole system.

Court Hearing:

The DMV hearing mentioned above is optional, but a court appearance is not. Anyone charged with a DUI offense must appear for a court trial to decide the severity of the crime. A defendant must prepare his case with the lawyer in a way that favors him. Bail provides one the opportunity to prepare for the case. Studies show people who get bailed out before the trial have a better probability of winning the same, as opposed to those relying on a public attorney.

Probation Protocols:

Many a time, a first-time offender is not sent to prison, the court orders probation for the arrested. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious crime; therefore, there are strict protocols to be maintained when it comes to probation.

  • The defender may have to go through multiple DUI chemical tests during the whole probation period. He is not allowed to deny or delay those tests; otherwise, he may face additional charges that put him behind bars.
  • Defendant’s car is digitally monitored with the help of electronic gadgets. This constant monitoring is done to keep a track of his movement so that he can be traced at any given time.
  • A court order may require the arrested to join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings to keep his problem in check. If he fails to fulfill his probation conditions, the probation might get revoked.

People convicted with DUI charges usually get a permanent criminal record. This record will show up every time there is a background check conducted on the arrested’s name. However, one who finishes their probation period successfully may opt for expunging their record from the history

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