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Will the Internet Bring People Closer Together?

Many people once thought of ‘Will the Internet bring people closer’ as a forecasting exercise. But the world of today has seen it that this ideal becomes manifest in concrete reality. The contemporary Digital Age that we are living in, it is pretty evident that the Internet has proved to provide many forums to bring people closer from across the globe. The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicated and stayed in touch with each other. Take the instance of social media forums and mobile-optimized Apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and others. They have introduced us to unbelievable convenience and has eased up our communications. This is exactly why we have subscriptions to the Internet in every modern household out there. Check out Spectrum Internet in My Area and subscribe to a package to experience quality Internet with smooth speeds.

But there is more to it and people with different perspectives are also there. Not everyone believes thinks the same about the Internet. Some people believe that the Internet has made us distant as far as the live interaction is concerned. People are obsessed with their fancy gadgets, hundreds of mind-blowing websites, Applications, social media forums, so on and so forth. And with each passing day, the number of the sites and Apps is constantly increasing. Let’s discuss this further.

Has Internet Brought us Closer?

We simply cannot deny this. The Internet has definitely brought us closer in ways unlimited. Gone are the days when people would wait to hear from their loved ones abroad for ages. These Internet-based Apps such as Skype, FaceTime, Viber, WhatsApp, and many others, have simply revolutionized the ways we communicated with our loved ones. These Internet-powered Apps have facilitated us with different modes of communication such as, chatting, group chatting, audio calls, video calls, conference calls, and what not to keep us in touch with our friends and families.

In addition to that, the Internet has facilitated our official commitments. Take the instances of Skype for Business, Dropbox, Outlook, Google Docs, so on and so forth. These convenient software programs have essentially facilitated us in staying connected according to our official requirements.

Generally speaking, Internet-based forums have allowed people to raise a voice about all different things that they witness and experience. Before even the news channels get hold of some happening, live footage trends will make people record and upload stuff on social media, and it has become the biggest mode of catching news along with being the biggest mode of communication.

Hence, the Internet-based communication definitely brings people together on the global basis.

The Other Side of it

Yes, the Internet has facilitated our communication with our loved ones and in knowing people and communities from different parts of the world better. But then, if we talk about the contemporary generation’s addiction to gadgets and technology, that’s also alarming. Especially if you look at the Millennials or tech-savvy people from any generational grouping for that matter, you will see then engrossed and staring at their gadget screens for long hours. They have switched all other activities with their Internet-powered gadgets.

Gone are the days when people would converse face to face, over a nice TV show perhaps, in the living room. Or kids spending hours and hours in the park, playing with the neighborhood buddies, or people meeting and making live conversations with their friends and family. Internet and gadgets have replaced all these things. People have switched to the private mode of entertainment with amenities like live streaming on their gadgets, instead of spending time with family in the living room. Kids prefer watching rhymes and playing online games instead of spending time cycling in the neighborhood streets with their friends. Novel texting and calling Apps such as WhatsApp and FaceTime have made us dependent on them to stay in touch with our loved ones. And pertaining to the convenience that they offer, we tend to contact our friends and families over these Apps instead of actually making an effort to visit them.


Concluding the argument, we would say that the Internet, just like any other invention, has its good and bad points. To a great extent, it has definitely brought the people close, through Internet-based Apps, sites, and so much more. But the excessive and addictive use of this technology has brought not only a disconnect from people around but has also posed risks to mental and physical health. Yes, parents and elders should check and limit the use of the amenity that we call the Internet and help young children strike the right balance between the real world and the Internet world. Fixing times to use the Internet can prove to be a good idea.

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