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Word to PDF: Nifty PDF Tools You Can Use on GogoPDF

Word to PDF

With the use of a working device connected to a stable internet, you can access a lot of websites from social media platforms to online tools. If you are having a hard time organizing and modifying digital files, it is recommended for you to visit GogoPDF. It aims to make the lives of every PDF user less stressful and more convenient. It is an online platform that has a straightforward and uncomplicated process that can do all sorts of things from conversion and unlock to compressing and merging PDF files. 

GogoPDF exists all thanks to technological advancements. Without it, you can never have the chance to handle and organize your electronic documents efficiently. If you want to get to know more about the plethora of online tools offered by this prominent online platform, then check out the information discussed below.

Word to PDF conversions

Are you planning to share your Word document containing important information with your colleagues or bosses? If yes, it is advisable to turn it first into PDF to save the recipient from facing formatting issues consequently wasting his time. To do this, you may use the website’s Word Convert to PDF Tool. It will reformat the filename extension as soon as possible. Aside from that, it will provide a converted PDF that looks identical to the original version from the orientation of images and graphs to the font size and font style of the texts. The only difference between the two files is their file format and nothing else. It is a great idea to use it if you want a safe and comfortable conversion process. 

 To use the Word to PDF converter

The Word to PDF can operate for as long as you have an internet connection and a device. Use one of the browsers to look for the official website of GogoPDF. From the home page, click the converter of your choice and a toolbox will suddenly appear. Make sure that you upload the right document to avoid repeating the process. The tool can complete the process in just a snap. You will be surprised that a high-quality PDF file will appear on your screen.

PPT to PDF conversion

The website also has a PPT to PDF converter that you can use any time of the day. PPT is quite challenging to manage because of its large file size. Aside from that, it will not be accessible in some operating systems despite being a standard file type. To address these concerns, you have to change its filename extension to PDF using the website. The conversion process is extremely fast and it can provide you with your desired document in just a blink of an eye. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface allowing old and new users to easily make the tool work. 


use the Word to PDF converter

When you are in a hurry to turn your PPT into PDF, it is best to use the website. You simply have to use one of your web browsers to search for the website. Choose the PPT to PDF option under the converter category. If you are accessing it through your laptop or computer, you may use the drag and drop option in uploading the PPT file. It is a method that can save a lot of your time and energy. After completing the entire process, it will quickly provide you with the PDF file ready to be downloaded.

Unlock encrypted PDF files

One of the ways that you can protect your documents is by adding a password to them. However, handling encrypted documents can sometimes be frustrating because you have to type the password every time you want to read the content. Repeatedly entering your password even if you are the owner of the document is not just exhausting but also time-consuming. If you want to get rid of this inconvenience, then you may remove the passcode using the unlock PDF tool of the website. you don’t have to install any software or application on your device just to undergo your PDF files in a decryption process. The website works using advanced Cloud technology which is why all of its tools can work through an internet connection.

How to use the unlock PDF tool

Once you upload the PDF document on the decryption toolbox, it will ask you to type the password. It is one of its ways to know if you are an authorized person to subject the file in as a password remover process. Once everything is ready, you may click the unlock now button. In just a few minutes, the newly decrypted file is ready to be downloaded on your local storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox account. You can use the shareable link provided by the password remover tool to send it to your friends and colleagues via your social media accounts.

PDF compression

The majority of people refuse to subject their PDF files to a compression process because they believe that it can reduce the quality of the content. But with the compressed PDF tool of GogoPDF, you are guaranteed that the resolution and formatting of the documents will not be altered. Despite functioning quickly, it still ensures that you will not encounter any problems when reading the information and data it contains. It is capable of reducing the file size to as low as 14 dpi while not compromising the quality and features. 

How to use the compress PDF tool

Upload the file you wish to reduce the size on the toolbox located at the center of the webpage. Then, click the compress PDF button to start the process. You have to wait for a few minutes only before it can provide you with the compressed document. You have the freedom to decide whether or not to save it on your device and share it on your social media accounts.

In a Nutshell

Despite the benefits of using Word and PPT formats for your documents, you will find yourself wanting to convert them into PDF. It will make reading and sharing the file without any hassle. If you think you need the services of GogoPDF, don’t hesitate to use it now!

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