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Reducing the operational costs of fleets, saving fuel and maintenance costs… These are some of the objectives sought every day by the directors of companies dedicated to the transport of goods and fleet management software. The use of software for transport and logistics is necessary and offers competitive advantages.

Companies that have a fleet of vehicles as a work tool or as a commercial activity know that good management of it brings significant benefits depending on the sector. You can now discover all the advantages of fleet management by GPS thanks in particular to FleetGO France, a company specializing in the supply of mobility solutions which helps in the daily management of the vehicle fleet. This technology helps reduce costs, improve safety and optimize real-time vehicle control. Thus, any type of company and fleet, regardless of its size, can benefit from an optimization that will allow the choice of the best routes, fuel savings and full control of the exact position of the vehicle, with the advantages that result in terms of organization and safety.

A single fleet management tool can provide decisive benefits to make your business more profitable.

Here is why in 3 major points.

  1. Fleet management software: Cost reduction and optimization of customer service

Transport and logistics software enables maximum efficiency in route planning. The reduction in costs linked to the management of the vehicle fleet is generated by the reduction in fuel consumption and an optimization of deliveries. It also means greater customer satisfaction. Considering the particular characteristics of each vehicle, such as loading and route, additional and unforeseen costs can be avoided. In addition, automation replaces manual planning, which will lead to considerable savings in terms of working time.

Fleet management software enables constant and detailed tracking of all fuel charges, whether or not using a fuel card system. With the individualization of fuel charges per vehicle, the level of control and analysis allows better decisions to be made for each vehicle, each driver and the fleet in general. If customers know that deliveries are accurately tracked, they will likely have more confidence in the business. Exact delivery times, can also be shared, which will definitely help strengthen ties. Data on a fleet’s performance and actions taken at points of improvement will determine how successful the technology implementation is in a business.

Fleet management: Cost control of fuel consumption

After the cost of personnel, the main expense is fuel, a factor which is also subject to large fluctuations in the market. By using fleet management software for transportation and logistics, best driving practices will be implemented, but other issues may arise such as fraudulent or duplicate fuel loads, fuel theft and possible fraud.

Software allows all fuel loads to be continuously and accurately monitored. By individualizing the fuel charges per car, the level of control and analysis allows better decisions to be made for each vehicle, each driver and the entire fleet.

Fleet management: Vehicle geolocation

The location of all vehicles at all times and in real-time improves the security of these assets. Performance is also improved when you can instantly know if they are operational and where they are located. The transport and logistics software indicates, by a quick request, the location of the vehicle, the speed at which it is moving or the number of stops it has made on its route. Also, read Student AutoCAD version.

Thanks to geolocation, route planning and optimization are enhanced, which makes it possible to avoid non-recommended journeys and bet on the most efficient and fastest routes. The technology implemented in a fleet makes it possible to know the detailed location of the units at any time. But that’s not all, there is also the number of stops, traffic speed, uptime, etc.

These parameters would improve the quality of customer service by sharing the estimated delivery time in real time . Having the ability to detect any failure inside the vehicle, the risk of the equipment on the road is reduced. Automatic notifications can be created for the driver and the fleet manager in the office regarding any unforeseen event that may arise.

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