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5 Tips on Using Social Media Networks to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging has become the modern method of expression and the simplest way of gaining knowledge and acquiring support. But just writing a blog is not enough!

You also have to ensure that the potential readers know that you have written something that can be of interest to them and worth a read or increase traffic. For that, you can use various channels and social media is undoubtedly one of the most crucial ones.

Now bloggers since the inception, are aware that in order to grab the attention and ensure the constant flow of audience to their blogs one has to

  1. Begin blogging every day
  2. Use RSS and email subscriptions
  3. Increase the stickiness of the posts by optimizing the search engines
  4. Then be patient and wait

Previously the credibility of a blog used to be determined by the age of the blog but that was prior to the emergence of the social media.

The advent of the social media has facilitated people to meet new people and acquire new knowledge every day.  So you can use this social web to introduce your blogs and attract new readers and followers who will further share and recommend your blog which can make it an absolute success within a short period.

So if you are seeking ways to promote your blog in a way that will truly attract traffic and increase impressions then you must have a solid social media strategy. Now navigating through the minefield of Twitter promoting, Facebook marketing and the likes can be quite overwhelming.

But as they say, for any convoluted task, the first thing to do is to get started. Here is a step-by-step approach to go about it.

  • Welcome New Bloggers and Introduce Your Blog – At times when you invite new pals on your Facebook page or add a new friend on your personal account, you can thank your new friend for sending or accepting your invitation and then sharing the direct link to your blog. This will promote the blog in a way that is not spammy. Also, help them if they need any help regarding their blogs. Be social, helpful and a promoter and help your blog achieve the traffic it deserves.
  • Integrate Social Media with the Blog – You should bridge the gap between the popular social media channels and your blog. People visiting your blog call for an easy way to connect with the blog and share it simply through the social media elements like buttons that are integrated with the site. These can be in the form of share buttons, buttons that help readers to engage with the blog on social media, etc… But don’t go overboard with huge social media buttons or overcrowd your site with them as this will make your social share suffer. Also adding the widgets can slow down the loading speed of pages.
  • Establish Relationships with Other Bloggers – You should be aware of bloggers in the niche and promote your work. Here are certain tips.

           a) Read and Share – Read and share other posts and drop the comments on them through Twitter to acknowledge and appreciate the info shared. You should mention the Twitter handle of the blogger whose post you are sharing. You can also comment on the posting page but the former method can gain immediate attention. This blogger is definitely going to favor you in the same way.

           b) Enlist the Experts – You can enlist the name of the top 10 bloggers in your niche. They will definitely acknowledge a link back and post about the presences on the social media.  You can follow this method for enlisting the experts in the niche, too.

         c) Guest Blogging – Invite the bloggers in the niche for writing in your blog and return the favour by writing for them. This does not just offer links in the niche of yours but also the chance to feature in more shares and updates on the social media.

         d) Viral Content Buzz – Join the viral content buzz community through the various social media channels.

  • Make Hashtags Your Besties – You should know that hashtags are your minions at work. So if you are finding it difficult to search for your target audience on Twitter who will really be complaisant and forthcoming to read what you write then hashtags can really help you. This way you can attract the keen, truly interested traffic to the blog. Using relevant hashtags actually works for you.
  • Join Social Communities and Follow Influencers – You should join the LinkedIn and Facebook groups that are relevant to gain recognition for both your blog and yourself. You must not promote any blog of yours aggressively. You begin by joining the conversations and assisting those who have questions (common actions in a forum). You can share the links to blog posts after that. You can also arrange virtual or physical meetups through Google Meet, Skype or other platforms.

So by creating informative and interesting content, quirky and strong headlines, and sharing pretty pictures and following the tips mentioned above recommended by the exports of premium social media consulting services, you can increase your blog traffic and gain a foothold in the world of blogging.

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