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What is the Impact of Social Media Marketing for a Blogger?

Are you a blogger and you want to famous in the front of People’s? As you know social media is the best way to connect with people’s in all over the world and you write information for people, but you didn’t get more traffic from search engines, then you should use social media for your advertisement of Blogs. As you know millions of people use social media every day and they search information on social sites that’s the way you should choose for your branding.

How to promote your Blogs on social media?

There are many ways for promoting a blog on social media. The best way you should choose is you can make a Fan Page of your blog and grab peoples who are interested in your niche. Now you will ask how we can target peoples who are interested in our niche. So it is very easy because many of these social sites give you filter option on their search bar which is very helpful for searching peoples who are interested in your topic. And the second way is you can Advertise on these social sites because the advertisement on these social sites is very cheap rated and targeted to your particular Audience.

Famous Social Media Websites where you can make your Fan Page or Profiles for your blog?

1. Facebook: – is the best way for creating Fan Page and posting your relevant data over theirs. You can make your fan page and can get likes on that page and choose a specific category which gives you particular users for your page.

2. Twitter: – is a platform where you can create a profile which represents your niche and can get followers who are interested in your topic. You could not make fan pages on Twitter because Twitter did not give any Fan page facility.

3. LinkedIn: – is a platform where you can make business pages for your blogs and get followers for your niche.

4. YouTube:- is a way where you can create your channel for your blog where you can post videos and can get subscribers. If you are a travel Blogger and you go hiking and you make videos there then you can post your videos on your YouTube Channel.

5. Pinterest: – is a platform where you can make profile relevant to your Blog. Here you can share your Pictures and get potential users to your blog.

These are some famous Social sites where you can promote your Blog and Get real audience for your website from there. You could check more Social sites for your promotion Like Delicious, Tumblr, Vk, Xanga, Yammer etc. all social sites are totally free if you create an account over them. You can do Social Bookmarking on the blog these websites give you thousands of daily users which is very helpful for your Indexing because these social bookmarking websites have high Domain authority and they will give high-quality backlinks which will increase your Ranking.

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