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5 Main Reasons to Call an Emergency Tree Service Contractor

Leaning, diseases or overgrown trees in your property poses a major threat to life and structure in the surrounding ding of these trees. In addition to this, home visitors, passers-by, and neighbors are also at the risk due to the damaged or leaning trees.

Tree falls can lead to big damage and also pose life-threatening dangers. It is very important to determine the right time to call the Emergency tree service providers in your area. First of all, you should know the tree contractors who offer emergency tree trimming and removal services.

Keep Your Place Safe and Attractive

It is recommended that you should regularly examine trees in your yard so that you can keep your landscape safe and attractive. Some homeowners are confused and not able to find the right time for calling the tree professional. You should do trees inspection regularly and if you find any of the following signs, then immediately call the tree contractor.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the top reasons for calling and emergency tree service contractor:

1.Visibility Problem

visibility Issue

The overgrown branches of the trees can create a visibility problem. Uneven growth of the trees’ branches will impact the clear lines. You will not be able to see the movement of people or vehicles in the outer space of the house due to the tree’s branches in the line of sight.

The overgrown branches of the tree or uneven growth of the tree branches will lead to the blocking of traffic lights in the adjacent street. You should call the tree trimming service providers such as tree trimming Sydney contractors and cut down overgrown and uneven branches.

The visibility problem created by uneven branches can also lead to vehicular accidents and major hazards. Therefore, it is one of the biggest reasons to consider calling emergency tree service providers.

2.Storm Damage

Storm damage

Heavy wind can lead to falling of decayed or diseased branches. Sometimes, heavy winds can also lead to the uprooting of trees and damage your entire yard. When the storm is over, you will find broken branches and split limbs everywhere. During this time, it is imperative to clear the driveways, clean the yard, and prevent your place from the further mess.

Sometimes, a storm can lead to a major hazard. If the tree falls on the roof of your house, then it incurs major loss and damage. After the storm, you should stay away from the fallen trees because they can create further hazards.

Also, you should immediately call your insurance contractor and the emergency tree service provider. The tree contractor will remove the fallen trees from your yard and cleans the space. It is imperative to immediately clean the yard for hygiene, safety, and attractiveness. Small plants share love and happiness.

3.Signs of Disease or Aging

Tree aging

Tree diseases are difficult to detect at the early stages. But most tree diseases are not treatable at the last stage. Tree diseases and pest infestation affect the structural integrity of the tree. Thus, a diseased tree can fall anytime. Signs of diseased trees are weak branches, uneven foliage, changed color of leaves, etc.

If you observe any of these signs on the trees in your yard, then it indicates that your trees are suffering from the disease. These trees can collapse anytime and fall on your house, people in its surrounding, vehicle, or neighbor’s house. You should immediately schedule an appointment with the trained and qualified arborist.

The tree care professional will immediately visit your place and examine the tree damage. After that, he will safely remove the tree and stump from your yard if the tree damage is not irreversible.

4.Fallen Tree in Yard

Fallen tree

There are different reasons for tree falling. It does not matter what was the reason behind the falling of a tree. But you should make arrangements to get rid of it from your property as soon as possible.

The damaged or diseased can fall any time without giving any warning or alert signal. If you observe the fallen tree in your yard then you should implement the following tricks:

  • First of all, make sure that everyone is fine and no one gets injured. You should immediately take medical help if anyone gets injured.
  • The next thing you have to do is to observe the electrical lines damage. If you observe any broken electrical wire, then call the professionals from the utility department.
  • Finally, call your insured contractors and emergency tree service providers.

5.Heavy Rainfall


Heavy rainfall does not directly impact the health of the tree. But it creates indirect damage. The heavy rainfall leads to soil erosion and excessive soil erosion can lead to the unstable roots of the trees. Therefore, after heavy rain, you should take a look at the tree and call emergency tree service providers.


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