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5 Myths about Rhinoplasty You Shouldn’t Believe

For a moment, answer this, how much do you actually know about the rhinoplasty cosmetic procedure? Sure, you may have no clue! The rhinoplasty surgery or nose job is a famous cosmetic surgery that provides relief from functional and cosmetic issues. It helps to reshape your nose and makes it appear larger or smaller, changes the angle of the nose in relation to the upper lips, alters the tip of the nose, corrects the bumps and restores any effects that occur in the nose.

When a rhinoplasty in Atlanta surgery proceeds, the board-certified surgeon will make specific incisions to access, the bones, and cartilage that supports the nose. Often, they make these incisions inside the nose, which become invisible after the operation.

The results depend on what you desire, and the surgeon may remove the bone and cartilage, or even add tissues (or synthetic fillers from other areas of the body). When the surgeon rearranges and reshapes the bone and cartilage, they place a splint on the outside of the structure of the nose as it heals. This surgery may either proceed under general or local anesthesia and often proceeds on an outpatient basis. Sometimes, this may require a night stay in the surgery or hospital center.

Note that surgeons who perform the rhinoplasty surgery go through some extensive training in the surgery that goes by with the name “Otolaryngology” (throat, nose, or ear specialty) as well as cosmetic plastic surgery.

If the thought of opting for the rhinoplasty surgery ever crossed your mind, regardless of the reason, then it is important that you should know about some rhinoplasty myths and differentiate them from the facts.

1. Rhinoplasty or the Nose Job is Obvious

The famous nose job myth cannot be further away from the truth. There are certainly some examples of nose job results not looking as appropriate as they should. In reality, however, you probably may not have seen many people who had a nose job, and you never even were aware. Rest assured that the results of a nose job are not so obvious, and the features integrate well with your facial features, so the shape and size are harmonious with the rest of the face. Keep in mind that a nose job surgery that has a fake, plastic or even a pinched look is not actually the ideal result. If you opt for the procedure along with a facelift, then proper care can help with a smooth recovery and an unnoticeable change.

2. Anyone Can Have the Nose They Desire

If you get a nose job, this is not something like picking a car of your choice. You can’t just walk to your Crispin Plastic Surgery expert and say that “I’ll take that particular, sporty looking one.” A common rhinoplasty fact that is tough for some people is there are some limitations to achieve the perfect look. Everyone has different proportions and dimensions, so the plastic surgeon will work with the one that you have, and some of the transformations are not possible or they may look unnatural. Even though you admire a nose that looks proportionate and flattering on one person, you need to know their type of nose may not look as great as it should on you.

3. Only Wealthy People and Celebrities Have Nose Jobs

Another common misconception that is common in the rhinoplasty facts is that only famous or rich people can consider the nose job surgery. Even though this is true that so many celebrities opt for the procedure, most surgeons say that they perform the procedure on other common people along with movie stars and TV personalities.

4. It is Vain to Want the Nose Job

First, not all procedures are solely for aesthetic reasons. Note that rhinoplasty combines frequently with function, and many people wanting to have minor cosmetic enhancements at the time they have corrective work done to address sinuses or nose issues. In addition, it is inaccurate to suppose that anyone wanting the change is vain. Keep in mind that the desire to have a better-balanced look is completely an understandable thing. If you want to appear normal, and healthy, then opting for the surgery is normal.

5. Any Surgeon Could Opt for a Nose Job

Keep in mind that the nose job surgery is quite far from any simple surgery. In fact, it is one of the most difficult ones to perform. It is not a simple procedure and quite opposite. A delicate and intricate surgical procedure, it requires a detailed understanding of the facial and nasal anatomy
One of the most vital parts of achieving the best results to the nose job is through choosing the best plastic surgeon to help you with the procedure. Since rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery, this doesn’t mean that every surgeon has the right credentials to ensure you have the best results. You should conduct a thorough research and work with the best-certified plastic surgeon in your area for the best reconstruction and aesthetic results.

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