Monday, November 13

See the New “Low Cost’ Destinations for your Next Trip

The race is already underway to find the best offer when flying. These are some of the most desired (and cheap) autumnal destinations offered by airlines for a well deserved getaway.

  • Munich

Munich is reputed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Beers, parks and museums are just the tip of the iceberg that is discovered in the Bavarian capital, an indisputable reference point in the south of the country. Now you can fly from Barcelona in October for 34 with Transavia .

  • Boston

The cradle of the American Revolution is one of the favorite destinations in the United States. A modern city, but with history, perfect for students, lovers of sports, food or walks through its stately neighborhoods, where you can relive some of the legendary Mystic River scenes. Flights from Barcelona in November for € 126, operated by Norwegian.

  • Rome

The eternal Italian capital does not fail at any time of the year although perhaps now is the best time to (re) fall in love with one of the vacation destinations par excellence. Vueling offers rates from Madrid in October starting at € 29.99. If you prefer to squeeze Italy away from Rome, Ryanair has launched new routes connecting Milan Bergamo to Brindisi, Cagliari, and Thessaloniki, among others.

  • Eindhoven

The unusual Dutch city is one of those destinations benefited greatly by the phenomenon of low-cost flights. Thanks to this you can discover the night lights and all the other secrets that this treasure keeps in the Netherlands. With Transavia from Barcelona in November for € 25 or with Vueling from Madrid in October for € 79.96.

  • Istanbul

Ancient Constantinople is the largest city in Turkey and the perfect union of Europe and Asia. Everyone who visits Istanbul says that they will end up going back to this place that hypnotizes the senses, that is why companies like Euro wings make it easy from € 179.99 starting from Barcelona in September.

  • Birmingham

The second largest city in England is undoubtedly one of the star destinations of this season. Easy to walk, well connected, home to multiple festivals and events of all kinds but, above all, dynamic and full of life. Ryaner operates flights from Barcelona in October for € 13.99 and Vueling from Madrid in December from € 64.96.

  • Warsaw

Warsaw is fashionable this fall and its appeal is well known by airlines. The contrasts and historical traces of the Polish capital can be enjoyed in September for € 89.99 with Euro wings or in October for € 45 with Norwegian, from Barcelona.

  • Catania

The unknown Sicilian city is one of the essential destinations to take advantage of the sable. The Fountain of the Elephant, in the heart of the Square, is perhaps its most recognizable symbol but the beauty of Catania goes much further. Norwegian offers flights departing from Madrid in October from € 29.46.

  • Toulouse

Nantes, Bordeaux, Nice, Lyon, and Paris now add Toulouse as a destination operated by Iberia Express in the neighboring country. The wealth of the Pink City, located in the south of France, surprises the most skeptical with its history, its landscapes and its culture. The subsidiary of Iberia connects Madrid with the French city from 39 from October 29.

  • Rabat

The capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is one of the most affordable destinations from the airports of our country. Its archaeological sites, mosques, and medinas can be visited during the month of December flying with Ryanar from € 16.99 from Madrid.

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