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5 Principles of Modern Parenting

Modern Parenting

When it comes to parenting, inevitably, it changes as the times change. It is only logical. In the past, it was popular what we now call traditional parenting, while now we lean more towards modern parenting. These two parenting styles differ, and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Have a look at the 5 Principles of Modern Parenting

Traditional parenting is more archaic and authoritarian, whereas modern parenting is flexible, involved, and relatively conflict-free style of raising children. Perhaps the most beneficial and optimal parenting style would be the one that is based on certain principles of traditional parenting, adjusting them to fit the modern style.

As for the principles of modern parenting, there are several essential ones. First things first, it’s important that you are your children’s role model. You should show them your own example. You should strive to be a kind and understanding but at the same time, firm parent. Moreover, you should learn to communicate with your children – it’s vital. Also, you should always be encouraging and supportive of your children. It wouldn’t hurt to also be innovative and creative from time to time. Children nowadays differ from children in the past.

1.   Be a role model

The best way children learn is when they see you doing it. It’s not enough to just speak and tell them what you want them to do. You must show them. Even when you think that the children are too young to observe and understand certain things, they observe and absorb what you do. So, make sure that you always behave as if they were observing you keenly.

That’s because it’s characteristic of human beings to learn through imitation. In a way, we are programmed to copy others’ behaviors, understand them and incorporate them into our own lifestyle. Always try to be the person you want your child to be.  That means showing respect to your child, showing them positive behavior and attitude, and having empathy towards their emotions — and your child will follow suit.

2.   Practice kind parenting

It is possible to be a kind and yet, firm parent. From the moment you become a parent, you love your little bundle of joy so much and you want to do everything you can to make it healthy, happy, and comfortable. Parents want only the best for their newborns so they buy them clothes made from natural materials, vegan leather playmats, and baby knitwear from quality brands such as 3 Little Crowns.

They want only the best crib, stroller, and car seat. Which is perfectly normal. However, this doesn’t mean that you will spoil your child. You should learn how to be a kind and firm parent at the same time. Modern parenting is not about being too permissive and afraid to say ‘no’. It’s about communication, balance, and reaching a solution suitable for both sides.

3.   Learn to communicate with your children

Communication is the essence of every healthy relationship. In the modern, digital age, communication, in general, has decreased due to the emergence and popularization of online communication. If you want to teach your children to communicate, make it a regular, everyday habit. You can make it a part of your morning and evening routine. For example, ask your children about their plans for the day in the morning.

In the evening, ask them about how their day went, whether they faced some challenges, how they overcame them, and so on. Through that simple conversation, you’ll be able to learn more about them, their personality, fears, and tendencies.

4.   Encourage and support your children

What’s also important is to be an encouraging and supportive parent. This is especially important when it comes to your children’s goals and ambitions. You as a parent should recognize their talents and tendencies, discuss them in a way they understand, and direct them. Children are too young to understand this but you as a parent are mature enough to recognize them. You should encourage your children to follow their own path rather than yours.

5.   Try to be innovative and creative

Modern parenting also requires you to be innovative and creative from time to time. Sometimes you need a different approach to reaching your children. That’s when it comes in handy to be innovative and creative. It’s perfectly understandable that different ways of communication suit you and your children due to the generational gap between you two. So, you should adjust your parenting style so that your children can understand what you’re trying to convey. Parenting blogs and forums online can help you with this.

As a parent, you always learn something new about both yourself and your children. It’s important to keep educating yourself and to use your head and gut when parenting. It’s equally essential as using textbook knowledge.

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