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Strollers: A Complete Buying Guide for New Moms and Dads


Choosing a stroller might seem like a simple task. You need something that will turn into a car seat, right? Wrong. There are so many things to consider when choosing a pushchair, which is why this complete buying guide is just for you.

Types of Baby Buggies


These strollers are designed for outdoor use. It’s usually smaller than other types, featuring only three or four wheels rather than the more common four or five.

It has large wheels locked in front for rougher terrain or unlocked to swivel, like a regular carriage. Although most joggers don’t recline fully (so your baby won’t fall asleep when you’re jogging), they do feature an adjustable handlebar that allows you to change the height for comfort during runs or walks.

Car Seat Frame  

You can put your tiny infant in this type of frame right away since it includes straps and buckles specially designed to hold most car seats securely.

Some frames also include a carrying handle that you can use to carry the car seat like a regular carrier (without the benefit of the wheels). The car seat attaches and detaches easily from the frame, making this type perfect for quick trips when you’re not wheeling your baby around in his other mode of transportation.

Standard Full-Size 

Although similar to travel systems, standard full-size strollers aren’t designed to snap into car seats. They’re usually larger and more expensive, but they can hold children up to age three or four depending on how the pushchair is configured (some include seating for two children).

Some full-size pushchairs can also serve as a jogger or a double pushchair when adding a second seat or board.


This type of carriage includes a separate attachment for a second child — either another child’s seat or an independent board for an older child who isn’t ready to be left behind. Like standard full-size joggers, some double models can be turned into jogging or tandem by adding other accessories.


The big difference between this type of jogger and others mentioned above is that the seats are in front of the other rather than side by side.

Tandem models include a seat for an older child who isn’t quite ready to walk long distances, and you can turn some into full-size or tandem double strollers with the addition of an accessory.

There are also specialty strollers designed for specific purposes. For example:

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Travel System 

This frame includes a car seat that snaps into place on top of the base installed in your car.

The whole thing is wheeled around like a regular travel system until you need to put the baby in his car seat — then, it takes up less space and provides better access to him once they are buckled in. It’s perfect for going straight from the car to strolling around, all without missing a beat.

Joggers are designed with multiple large front wheels that can swivel or lock for more stability when running or climbing over rougher terrain. Some joggers are specially designed for off-roading, while others are only suitable for street use.

A combination carriage is an economical way to buy all you need at once — especially if you plan on having more than one child since it works with both older children and new infants.

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