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How to Get Boogers out of Baby’s Nose

We know what to do when we feel our nose is stuffy or runny. However, babies are not able to articulate this, especially infants because they just don’t know how to clear a blocked nose. So, do you know when your baby has a stuffy or runny nose and how to get boogers out of baby’s nose?

How to tell if your baby’s nose is blocked?

The most obvious signs that indicate your baby’s nose may be runny or stuffy are the symptoms of cold or infection. Also, you can also check if your baby is snorting or is breathing audibly. You may notice that your baby is irritable and gives trouble when it’s feeding time. All these signs could result from the baby suffering from a blocked or stuffy nose. One of the most obvious signs that show you need to know how to get boogers out baby’s nose is when they start to breathe through their mouth.

When the baby suffers from a congested or runny nose for a long time, it can cause noticeable trouble in breathing for them.

So, what do you do when you notice the above-mentioned signs and symptoms in your baby? Well, you need to know how to get boogers out of baby’s nose.

Here’s how to get boogers out of baby’s mouth

The first time a parent has to clean the baby’s nose can be terrible for both. However, it is one of those important things that parents have to do because the baby is simply unable to do it.

So, if you notice your baby having trouble breathing due to a choked nose, then here are the different but effective tips that can teach you how to get boogers out of baby’s mouth:

1 – Bulb Syringe

Bukb Syringe

The bulb syringe is a tried-and-tested device that can easily help to remove stubborn boogers out of your baby’s nose. Simply press the bulb to get the air out of it. Without removing the pressure from the rubber bulb, you need to place the tip of the syringe inside your child’s nose. When you slowly release the pressure, the bulb works as a vacuum cleaner and removes stubborn, sticky mucus easily from within your baby’s nose.

Many nasal syringes come with varying tip sizes so that you can choose the tip that fits your baby’s nose without being too large or small.

2 – Nasal Aspirator

Nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirators are also quite popular and more efficient than nasal bulb syringes. The nasal aspirator consists of a mouthpiece with rubber tubing attached to a narrow-tipped, syringe-like tube. A disposable filter is fitted in the middle so when you suck in air through the mouthpiece, the mucus removed from the baby’s nose is captured in the filter.

3 – Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray for baby

Nasal sprays help make it easier to remove hardened, stubborn, and sticky mucus from a baby’s nose.

You can choose to buy an over-the-counter nasal spray for babies at your local drug store, you can also make one at home. Simply take a quarter teaspoon of salt and mix it in 1 cup of warm water.


We’re sure these simple devices will help parents to answer your question of how to get boogers out of a baby’s nose. Make sure to only use saline-based nasal sprays for infants and younger children.

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