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A shortcut guide for bloggers to get a cutting edge over their competitors

Every blog wants to gain high traffic and rank top on Google but only a few achieve this milestone. If you are also struggling to get a decent position on Google and are prepared to put in required efforts and patience, then this guide can help you in achieving your objective through concentrating on content writing and marketing. The guide contains the tips as well as a few tools that will help you transform your content in a strong tool to get success in a reasonable time:

Define your targeted audiences

Defining the relevant target audiences enables you to concentrate all your content writing and marketing efforts in a few selected directions that allow you to make a deeper impact within a reasonably short time. Having clear direction helps you create straightforward, success-oriented strategies. You are in better control of things and can logically integrate different activities (research, blogging, social media
marketing, keyword tactics, etc.) to achieve a wholesome growth. Moreover, it also allows you to efficiently sustain your strategy for steady growth.

Create a specific strategy

Nothing can succeed without a specific strategy and the same goes for your content. The very first thing to consider is to prepare a well-defined calendar as it forms the very foundation of all your content-related activities- right from R & D to writing and marketing. Here again, you need to be specific and create a specific posting frequency, brainstorming timely themes, and preparing a logical content
marketing schedule for each topic. Stick to this schedule and make it a yardstick to measure your growth/goal accomplishments.

Take help of influencer marketing

While there is no substitute for hard work, the need for smart work cannot be underestimated. Talking about content marketing, the top industry influencers already have huge loyal followers across multiple digital platforms. So they bring along with them the readymade wealth of niche traffic that you can instantly use for different purposes- getting more readers, increasing subscribers, building solid traffic stats to convince advertisers/sponsors, etc. So, collaborating with top influencers can help you a long way in achieving massive positive results in less time.>

Set specific KPIs

For accurate measurement of your content marketing campaigns, you need to define specific content KPIs and monitor it regularly. Some of the key KPIs metrics to monitor include downloads, shares, views, leads, and comments among others.

Create personas

You just cannot strike an instantly engaging conversation with any stranger whom you aren’t familiar with. It’s because you don’t know their likes, dislikes character, expectations, and knowledge level. The same goes true with your readers. You first need to get such major personality details about your targeted audiences so that you can create the content that can instantly attract them and keep them engaged for long. You can write content with an individual personality of its own thus allowing
you to bond instantly with your targeted audiences win their trust and ensure repetitive visits. In simple words, learning about target personas enables you to understand their strengths, weaknesses, issues, and major immediate challenges. Using all this information you can create stellar content that has the right mix of empathy, practical guidance, actionable tips, and RoI based strategies to help them
overcome their challenges and achieve their targets.

Check most potent topics

Once you have understood your targeted audience persona and created content that precisely aligns with their needs, the next thing is to determine the most potent topics. For instance, your targeted audiences are small businesses with low funds struggling to take their business online and attract digital sales. Now several topics are matching their immediate needs like:
The question is which topic has got the maximum potential? For that, you can check the tools like Buzzsumo that allows you to discover the most shared topics.

  •  Visit Buzsumo
  •  Enter your main topic and hit the search button
  •  You will get a comprehensive list of the specific titles along with their social sharing stats that will enable you to pick the most shared titles and design your content along the same lines

Here are a few things to notice: the length of content, writing style, tone, content type (listicle, advice, how-to, pros/cons, etc.), content format (infographics, blog, reviews, etc.), graphics and videos.

Get your eyes fixed on low hanging fruits

While there are several companies in your niche you would certainly not at an advantageous position when competing with a brand that is at a much higher level. So, it makes sense to check what your immediate competitors are doing as it will help you to spot low hanging fruits that are reasonably easy to achieve.

  •  By using a paid version of BuzzSumo you can get the rich portfolio of exclusive features that not only help you to watch your competitors’ content strategy but also enables you to extract maximum immediate benefits out of this content monitoring exercise
  •  Get information on the latest content posted by your competitors on different platforms
  • Get an automated notification on digital mentions of your competitors
  •  A simple interface to create a side by side report of how you fare vis-à-vis your competitor in terms of content strategy. Analysis format
  •  A quick, straightforward way to pick strengths and spot the weaknesses of your competitors. It allows you to design an RoI-based strategy that combines all their relevant strengths minus weaknesses to accelerate success.

Competitors’ content review

While it is true that good content and social media shares help your competitors to gain better popularity, they also need a healthy link juice to strengthen their rank on related keywords. We are talking about quality backlinks. For that, you need to analyze their link strategy. It allows you to target your efforts only towards the platforms that are more likely to allow you backlinks, either contextual links or links in the author bio. For that, you can use Mozbar. It is an awesome extension for your browser that helps you to check the link profile of your competitors.

After you have added the extension to your browser, just open your competitor’s site, head over to their latest blogs / or any desired topic around which you wish to write the blog. At the top of the address, you can see the link volume at the right of the bar. Click here and you will be redirected to a web page showing a detailed link analysis of your competitor including top linking domains, top anchor text, inbound link, follow/no follow, DA history, and more. Using this information you can determine the most rewarding platforms for making backlinks.

Spot weak aspects of your competitors (and use it to your advantage)

A similar Web allows us to easily kept posted about traffic changes on our competitors and having a clear and accurate view of our market share. It also gives us useful insights about were getting traffic from and which opportunities there are from SEO, referrals, or optimized SEM investment.

As the name suggests the similar web helps you keep a close track on your competitors by presenting all the major stats regarding their site- right fro, traffic tothe keyword to marketing straggles. It allows you to get a precise idea about their overall digital strategies so that you can spot the precise places where you can do better than the competitors. For instance, if your competitors are great at link building but their social strategy isn’t that good, then you can strengthen your social media strategy and extract the maximum benefits out of the same.


The potential of your blog depends upon the traffic, ranking, and popularity. For that, you need good patience, persistence, and RoI based approach. Content, being the key asset of your blog, it is much easier to gain better results by strengthening your content strategy. In this blog, we mentioned different ways and tools to accelerate the overall impact of your content. The readers are advised to incorporate any tools or advice after thoroughly checking their relevance to their objectives. Also instead of following the guide word by word, they can first implement the specific tips and review the results. Based on the same they can follow only those tips that work best for them.

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