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Best bridal shower invitations for your Wedding

Do you want to know that When you should send the bridal shower invitations? If you’re going to send the bridal shower invitations through Mail, it is best to send it as early as possible. So, the visitors would easily manage their busy schedules and time clashes. If you are only inviting the local guests, you should send the invitations four to six weeks before the event.

What is the proper protocol for sending bridal shower invitations?

The main protocol is to send the bridal shower invitations before some weeks. It is recommended to send the bridal shower invitations 4-8 weeks before the bridal shower. Or you can consider sending them two months before the wedding day.

Who are you supposed to invite to the bridal shower?

A bridal shower guest list is included in the bride’s closest friends and relatives. If you are doing the joint function, you have to invite the groom’s sisters and aunties. It is the best moment to come closer to the groom’s family too.

What are the best food options to serve at the bridal shower?

Bridel Shower Food

Below mention are the best food options to serve at the bridal shower.

  • Turkey Waldorf Bites. …
  • Crudites with Preserved Lemon Guacamole. …
  • Vegetable Bundles with Tarragon Citrus Dip. …
  • Mediterranean Hummus Trifle. …
  • Mini Chicken and Broccoli Pot Pies. …
  • Deep Dish Ham Quiche. …
  • Guacamole Bean Salad.

What is the best event order for the bridal shower?

Bridel Shower Event

The Bridal Shower events order is mention below.

  • Serve Buffet Food,
  • Offer drinks
  • Introduce guests to each other.
  • Begin First Bridal Shower Game.
  • Begin Second Bridal Shower Game.
  • Play Third Bridal Shower Game.
  • Serve cake or desserts
  • Award prizes to games winners.

Is the bridal shower can be celebrated by ladies only?

Bridel Shower Ladies

Traditionally, showers are meant to celebrate by the women only. In this type of event, the groom can only participate with his guests and relatives. Generally speaking, a bridal shower is best for the women, and the friends give special gifts to the bride.

What is the best time for the bridal shower?

When it comes to the perfect Timing., Saturday or Sunday is perfect for this. It is best to send the invitations two months to three weeks before the expected date. The exact time of day depends on the hosts. But it is best to plan a brunch, a luncheon after the afternoon tea.

How can you properly design the invitation cards?

Bridal Shower Card

Therefore, if you want to customize the wedding invitation card design, then you only have to follow the below mentioned simple steps

  • First of all, you have to change the images. You can easily upload the appearance of your choice.
  •  to clarify, it is important to change the fonts.
  • By changing the background, you can easily customize the cards.
  • on the other hand, you can also change the colors for customizing.

In conclusion, Wedding invite boxes are the best opportunity to capture the attention of your guests. On the other hand, wedding invitation boxes would tell your consumers why your wedding would be enjoyable.

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