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Bible’s Exclusive Theory of Money and Finances

Holy Scriptures

The Holy Scriptures advocate diverting your financial resources towards avenues that encourage you to invest wisely. On reading through Bible verses about saving money you realize how they dissuade you from resorting to borrowing tactics. Even on the rare occasion, you borrow, you must repay your lender in full.

God, through His teachings, inspires you to use your finances for social good. You are appointed as a steward of the lord’s creations and must nurture the wealth entrusted to your care. All your material possessions are a blessing from the Almighty. Hence, you are duty-bound to handle them responsibly.

Biblical Theory on Finances

As per the Holy Bible, when money displays stability in value, it becomes a medium of exchange worth relying upon. A true Christian disciple grows wealth with the sole purpose of using that money to serve others. Bible verses about saving money alert you to legitimate wealth, potentially causing harm if handled irresponsibly.

Explained below are the Holy Bible’s theories on money matters:

Invest Your Money and Secure Your Future

Given that your heavenly master has entrusted you with his capital, you will not be rewarded if it produces nothing. Money, when left idle, fails to generate more income and displays your lack of inclination to save.

When you are blessed with the means to secure your future, multiply your finances through responsible investing. Living a life riddled with debt is best avoided, and borrowing should not become your preferred option.

Share What You Receive

As your earnings increase, so should your charitable giving as the scriptures encourage you to share your wealth with the needy. Your monthly tithing points towards donating 10 percent of your earnings for the glory of God.

In addition, diverting your finances for noble work pleases your creator further. Merely focusing on acquiring fleeting material possessions is a dangerous trend. Your wealth is a gift given to you by God to propagate his work on earth.

Earn Your Living with Integrity

Gathering money through dishonest means is not what the scriptures advocate as that goes against your lord’s teachings. The wealth you acquire through unlawful practices is not yours, to begin with, as you have not earned it. Holding on to a misguided sense of security may make you complacent.

The truth is your finances are not a replacement for the good lord. You will only gain momentary satisfaction if you begin to worship money instead of God. Giving your creator top priority rewards you with the most faithful companion who looks out for you and guides you down the righteous path.

Lasting happiness does not come from having more wealth and subsequently fulfilling your material wants. Valuing money more than God instead of being grateful for His financial blessings and not being generous with your wealth does not serve to further Christ’s kingdom.

Invest responsibly as per the teachings of your faith by placing your trust in a reputed financial advisor who ensures you adhere to Christian principles. By seeking specialized professional help in financial matters, you will not stray from your moral ground.

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