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Comparative Analysis of OrbitGTM With The Pretenders


Judging brokers by going through their reviews is helpful but it should not be made the basis of an autonomous decision concerning your future.

On the internet you can find if not millions but at least thousands of brokers ready to serve on-demand. These brokers can easily be divided into three major categories. The first category of brokers contains large, medium, and small-sized genuine brokers. The second category of brokers too contain genuine brokers but they are rather ‘pretenders’. For luring the customers towards them, they make promises which are never fulfilled. The third category of brokers is actually of those who claim or present themselves as ‘brokers’. However, the truth is they are fraudsters and brokers by any stretch of the imagination. Caution advised.

The beneficiary of this review i.e. OrbitGTM is a broker which hails from category one i.e. a genuine but medium-sized broker.

Difference BetweenOrbitGTM& ‘Pretenders’

Through this OrbitGTM Review, we will compare OrbitGTM with the second category of brokers i.e. pretenders.

First of all, if you wish to be an online trader, then you need a broker. But remember that you cannot allow the ‘need’ to prevail over quality, standard, and service. Mixing the ‘need’ with ‘necessity’, is a common mistake that many of the traders make very often. Resultantly, standards, quality, and services are compromised while the trader is discouraged to believe trading is not good for him.

So bumping into these pretenders is quite usual and this is why you should consider comparing OrbitGTM with pretenders.

Comparative Analysis

Like in many day-to-day affairs, the comparison is also very helpful in the trading industry. It is through the comparison that a trader will be able to find the most suitable trader as a partner.

·       Method One: Compare Offerings i.e. Tradable Assets

Every broker and even the so-called broker is aware that online traders would need a broker. Most of these no-good brokers offer one type of trading or promises returns that seem impossible to anyone. But a trader must realize that trading is an ever-expanding industry. There are various kinds of trading within which there are thousands of tradable assets in their so why a broker is offering just one. OrbitGTM however provides trading opportunities in all kinds of trading. Trading of cryptocurrencies, stocks, precious minerals and metals, commodities, futures, indices, shares, etc. are a few examples.

·       Method Two: Compare Trading Accounts

The second method of understanding the difference between pretenders and genuine brokers is to examine their trade accounts carefully. As with most of the pretenders, they do not seem to have a variety of accounts. Even if they do, then either the initial deposit seems unbelievably higher or lower. Thirdly, while they do offer accounts yet the accounts lack basic features. All they talk about is extraordinary profits and monetary benefits.

When these accounts are compared with the accounts of OrbitGTM then the glaring difference you will find is that OrbitGTM is offering six accounts. Each account duly provides basic features as well as features that are entirely benefitting for the account holder. In addition, the initial deposit requirement against each of OrbitGTM’s accounts is very well balanced. For instance, beginner traders can choose either Bronze or Gold with an initial deposit requirement of US$ 250 or US$ 10,000 respectively. Similarly, other trading accounts of OrbitGTM such as Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP cost huge sums.

You may be wondering why huge sums as the initial deposit are required by OrbitGTM but there is a reason for that. The reason for increasing the amount of initial deposit of each account is necessary because it helps the characterization and classification of traders and their trading ambitions. Most importantly, the initial deposit limit acts as a deterrence if a beginner trader tries to open an advanced account. The idea behind this is to develop the best trading abilities in a trader step by step with time instead of skipping the hurdles.

·       Method Three: Compare Responsibilities

Thirdly and most importantly so-called brokers miserably fail in fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities towards their customers. Resultantly, customers are unsatisfied and move on towards other brokers or regret becoming a trader. They fail in maintaining and providing standard, quality, and even in rendering services. Their customer service is pathetic and gives an impression as if the team has been hired from someone else at cheap rates. Resultantly, businesses fail and customers are left in shock while their funds are removed from their accounts.

You would be glad to know that OrbitGTM is fulfilling its responsibilities towards customers, owners, creditors, regulators, and state-owned authorities. The license to operate as a ‘broker’ is evidence to prove that OrbitGTM is a genuine broker.

End Remarks

In the end, it may be pertinent to mention further that there are other very well-known methods too for separating genuine brokers from pretenders. The final word of advice would therefore be to act wisely and choose carefully and consider OrbitGTM as your potential partner.

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