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Ellis and Burlington Review – Scam or a Website for Money Recovery?

Money Recovery

Despite many warnings and the DYOR (Do You Own Research) motto of the crypto community. Thousands of people fall victim to various scams. Ellis and Burlington provide a valuable service that addresses this issue. Ellis and Burlington Review — Is Ellis and Burlington a Scam or a Recommended Website for Money Recovery?

Since many crypto companies are unregulated and some scammers are just individual bad actors. A team of experts can quickly track them down and use unconventional methods to recover your lost funds.

Ellis and Burlington is a company that has a ton of experience in the field of investigative work and provides its expertise to people who lost money to crypto scammers. The crypto industry is famous for its proliferating fraud scene. Several reports say that investors and regular people lose over $1.5 billion annually to criminals who promise immense profits without any effort from victims.

If you encountered a scammer and lost money, you should immediately reach out to Ellis and Burlington. In such cases, time matters. The faster you start working on recovering money, the higher your chances to succeed will be. Check out this Ellis and Burlington review.

Ellis and Burlington’s safety measures

After being burnt once by any online scam, people usually start thinking more about their online safety and prefer to work with companies that focus on building a secure infrastructure that prevents any leaks or unauthorized access.

Here are some of the measures employed by Ellis and Burlington:

  • The website uses encryption and has an active SSL certificate. Communicates are conducted in secure messengers or via the website’s live chat feature.
  • The backend of the web platform is designed to withstand any cyber threat with specialized antimalware applications running around the clock.
  • The company’s privacy policy states that the information collected is never shared with third parties and business partners.
  • The company cares deeply about your safety and privacy. The relationship with this company is strictly confidential. Your user data will never be compromised.

Ellis and Burlington’s track record

The company has one of the best portfolios of closed cases in the whole industry. With over $30 million restored throughout its history, Ellis and Burlington have a solid ground to stand on when promising to recover your lost funds.

It is impossible to guarantee that you will get your money back, but Ellis and Burlington puts a lot of effort into the investigative process and succeeds more often than not. Hundreds of user reviews that praise the company for helping them receive refunds from fraudsters speak for the company.

Ellis and Burlington use novel methods in their practice

The crypto industry is over 10 years old and has many stories of scammers and failed projects. Ellis and Burlington have been working with victims of fraudulent activities for half a decade. And created a reliable method of tracking down criminals.

  1. At first, you will be thoroughly interviewed. The company will start building the amount of evidence during the initial interview by recording your account of the incident and prying you for details that you might have deemed insignificant.
  2. With screenshots of conversations, payment documents, and other documents, Ellis and Burlington will have enough data to start searching. The company uses many conventional and unconventional methods to hunt down the scammer.
  3. When they find the criminal, they immediately contact them and start the negotiation. Many scammers are weak and easily scared people who will easily give up when pressured with a lawsuit and presented with evidence.

In some cases, the company will try to negotiate a settlement with a scammer. It is a good strategy when you deal with a crypto company that acts as a legal entity or with an individual who is ready to take their chance at avoiding law enforcement. Reaching a compromise is the most frequent conclusion of any investigation.

The verdict

Ellis and Burlington is a highly recommended service that has many positive reviews from satisfied users who were able to return their money fully or partially. This company provides a valuable product to thousands of people who feel wronged. Ellis and Burlington fund recovery firm has a good reputation and an excellent track record!

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