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Did you fart during sex?

Did you fart during sex

Oops! Have you ever encounter the situation of fart during sex? Of course, no one wants to be in such an embarrassing moment.

As we all know sex is considered to be a very private and intimate way of the shower your love to your partner .and no one wants to Interrupt their hot and intimate with such an unsexy sound. because depending upon your partner’s moods farting sound can break your intimate moment.

Like many other disgraceful situations, fart during sex happens for some reason. Though it is normal to fart during sex but yet it is embarrassing. In this post, we explain to you why such an awkward situation happens and how to get rid of it?

Reasons to fart during sex?

  • When Penis is going inside and outside of the vagina, air can be trapped, and at the moment of orgasms, your muscles get to relax and the air you holding in, will release and the sensation sounds occurs.
  • Probably the other reason women fart during sex is because of pressure on their vagina and stomach during intercourse.
  • Air can be trapped in the vagina due to different sexual positions and air release and fart noise interrupt your sex.

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What should you do?

 Well, just let it go in a natural way. After all, we all are human and we can’t control such natural things to be happening. It’s a part of life and everyone farts, someone hides, and someone try to hide it.

 Infect fart during sex can give you and your partner reason to laugh. If you both share a good relationship and understanding then fart can bring funny moments rather than an embarrassing moment. Then no big fart and small fart will ruin your sex moment.

 Want to stop it?

 Being  a natural part of life there are some tips you can try to prevent from fart during sex

  • Don’t forget to go loo before having a sex.
  • stop drinking fizzy drinks
  • Get suggestion from your doctor.
  • Try not to eat fart trigger food.
  • Have anti gas medication with the suggestion from your doctor.

 Still,  you farting during sex?

 The best thing you can do is to accept it because farting during sex it’s a  natural thing. Or you can take suggestions from your doctor.

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