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Psychological Effects of Being Ignored by Someone You Love

Acceptance and approval are two things that almost every human being desires. We tend to look for acceptance from our peers, friends, family, and especially from the one we hold strong emotions of romantic love. However, as life is full of risks, there is always the fear of rejection in our minds, which is very true when it comes to being rejected by someone you love dearly. The wise ones know that it’s not possible to get everything and everyone we want in our lives hence they learn to deal with rejection sportingly. On the other hand, there are numerous people who cannot cope with the fear or act of rejection. And hence they have to pay Psychological Effects of Being Ignored by Someone they Love.

Rejection in Normal, Not Abnormal in Life

Rejection in Normal, Not Abnormal in Life

Frankly speaking, we have created a society in which the focus has been on developing intense self-esteem. In such a society, the word “No” has more power to hurt an adult than you may believe. For a generation that has grown in an environment that awarded them prizes for simply participating in any activity, combining the instant gratification from technology has created a scenario in which rejection is seen as a direct attack on the person’s self.

Romantic Rejection Does Hurt

Rejection from a potential romantic partner is exceptionally devastating for most. This can be relegated to the ideal world which we create in our minds, wherein we have enduring love, and quick sex. A study by Blake, Bastian, & Denson shows that a man is likely to respond aggressively to rejection from their potential romantic interest if he had sexual conquest in mind as the end goal of the relationship. This effect is deemed to arise from our tendency to post sexually-charged profile pictures and the ease of access to sexual imagery that today’s technology has allowed us. Hence, rejection can often be as acute as physical pain especially when the stakes are higher with expectations to relational or sexual gratification.

Effects of Rejection on Mind and Body

Let’s take a detailed look at how romantic rejection affects psychologically:

1 – Rejection and Pain

Rejection and Pain

Several studies performed using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have shown that rejection stimulates activities in the same area of the brain which responds when the body experiences physical pain. As rejection can stimulate physical discomfort, this is the main reason why rejection seems to “hurt” so much. And hence we have to face the Psychological Effects of Being Ignored by Someone you love.

2 – Rejection and Self-Esteem

 Rejection and Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem is the built-in monitor to measure your acceptance level in your social world. Thus, when you are highly accepted your self-esteem gets a boost (remember how you felt when your best profile picture received numerous compliments?). However, on being rejected, you start to re-evaluate yourself and start to wonder what you’re doing wrong in relationships. To cope with this, you can take the rejection as creative criticism and work on improving that aspect.

3 – Rejection and Regression

Rejection and Regression

Regression is almost inevitable after being rejected. Although most people tend to barricade themselves against social interactions, psychologists suggest a better way is to reach out and talk to your friends or family. In addition, regression is toxic for your personal and social life and needs to be avoided at all costs. Don’t affect your life psychologically if you being Ignored by Someone You Love.

However, in an age of self-gratification, we need to understand that women are not simply real-life counterparts of the men’s online fantasy. To do this, we first need to focus on changing the mindset to handle rejection since childhood. We need to teach kids the acceptable and unacceptable ways to cope with the rejection in love so that they can handle it with grace as grown-ups. This will helps to cope up with the situation when they are Psychologically Effects by Being Ignored by Someone You Love.


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