Sunday, November 12

Earth Day: 5 Tips for Driving in an Environmentally Friendly Way

While it is true that we cannot do without the use of our car, there are ways to use it in a more rational and even ecological way

On Earth Day we can reflect on how we can improve our driving habits to have a lesser impact on our environment because we know that many times, it is not possible to leave our car. hence  it is important to drive in an environmentally friendly Way

Use the car only when necessary

Use the care only when necessary

One of the scenarios that generate greater environmental pollution is when we find ourselves in a traffic jam and that is that no matter how many roads and solutions are intended to be generated to avoid them, the vehicle fleet grows day by day. For this reason, it is advisable to evaluate transport situations and use our car only on necessary occasions.

Walking and using other alternative means of transportation can be a good option in recreational activities, which will help reduce traffic and are also good for your health.

Share your car

Share your car

Most journeys usually take only one person and, in general, vehicles generate the same amount of pollutants if they take all the occupied places.

If the option of mass transportation is not an option, you can always agree with neighbors and co-workers to share cars to generate less pollution, while reducing the number of cars circulating on the streets.

Correct Maintenance

Correct maintanace

Another way to contribute to reducing the polluting emissions of our cars is to carry out the correct maintenance, respecting the service intervals established by the manufacturer.

In this way, the correct functioning of the mechanical components can be guaranteed and the generation of contamination particles can be minimized, as well as prolonging the useful life of the engine. If you are planning to buy a well-maintained used car then Auto For Trade is the best option.

Although it must also be clarified that carrying out oil and wear parts changes before the interval suggested by the manufacturer is counterproductive in the environmental sense since waste is generated more frequently, increasing pollution.

Ecological management

Used Car Engine

Once inside our car, there are always habits that can contribute to generating fewer polluting emissions, from planning our route to the way we brake and change lanes.

First of all, the planning of the routes will allow us to circulate with a greater time available and in this way, drive more calmly, preventing other people’s situations.

Also, it is advisable to avoid braking, sudden acceleration, and unexpected lane changes, because in addition to increasing consumption and emissions of our car, they are also a cause of traffic jams, generating a chain action that can result in kilometer lines.

Find an efficient car

second hand car

At present, the offer of cars for sale in our country is very wide and presents many variants of efficient machines that can contribute to improving the quality of the air in our environment.

If you are in the process of buying, you have to take into account cars that in addition to having good fuel consumption, offer advanced technologies to help pollute less, such as a Toyota Prius.

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