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Features of Pancake Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders

Here we are going to focus on features of pancake lock nut hydraulic cylinders. Locknut hydraulic cylinders manufactured by FPT Fluid Power Technology have been used for a load transfer makeover on a compound structure with an inverted L-shape.

Double-acting locknut cylinder with a locknut on the plunger for mechanical load locking. The cylinder has a shallow closed height because of the intelligent return plunger. Once the load was moved to the new structure and the original pile demolished, the last segment of the metallic structure was installed.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Next, the second load transfer makeover was carried out, which consisted of 2 phases:

  • At first, the load is transported from the deck, and later lock nut hydraulic cylinders are situated on both sides of the definitive support axis.
  • Afterward, the support devices are connected, whose position corresponds to the unique support axis of the aqueduct. The loading makeover is carried out with a measured descent of the hydraulic jacks.

The geometry of this structure, with an upturned L shape, is trained by the admissible gauge and by the position of the axis of the deck support. Since the fundamental evidence of this action was not to affect the present configuration of the aqueduct as shown in RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC product. Another individuality is that 2 pipes run inside the box which requires maximum precision in the distortions of the deck. The movements measured during the operation were within the range of projected values.

The use of lock nut hydraulic cylinders with little height is the perfect tool in such kind of situation where the space obtainable is really minimum. With a strident force with a stroke range from 45mm to 50 mm they are little profile and little height and perfect to be used in confined areas with a locking collar to hold the load on fully care, suitable for lifting and pushing operations.

Pancake Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders features

  • Very low height for use in confined areas.
  • Security lock nut for powered load holding.
  • Overflow port purposes as a stroke limiter.
  • Coupler and dust cap comprised on all models.
  • Elective special synthetic coating for better corrosion resistance

Hydraulic Lock Nut Cylinders properties

                              Hydraulic lock nut cylinders are the finest tools for holding loads for a longer period of time, because of their motorized safety feature. These are single-acting cylinders with good gravity return. Hydraulic lock nut cylinders are used to provision loads, e.g., in the organization, for building bridges, and on shipyards. RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC has included various brands and capacities of lock nut cylinders in its acquisition and rental selection.

Choosing the best lock nut cylinder

                                 There are a number of matters which should be taken into account. When selecting a hydraulic lock nut cylinder, such as the mandatory capacity, but also the pump and system mechanisms you will need to power the lock nut cylinder. RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC can tell you what the potentials are and can help you make the right choice as it not only has an extensive range of lock nut cylinders but also offers advice and flexible service. Best Lock Nut Cylinders provide mechanical load holding for lengthy periods of time. Obtainable in Low Height, Lightweight models, with volumes from 20 tons up to 1000 tons and stroke lengths from 45 mm – 300 mm. There is a lock nut cylinder to meet your every obligation and industrial application.

BML-SERIES is a design that topographies a threaded piston rod and a lock ring. When the lock ring is attached down and engaged with the cylinder body, the load can be held automatically for extended periods. These cylinders are preferably suited to bridge construction and conservation and jacking applications requiring safe lengthy load holding. These cylinders feature a hard chrome bore for supreme corrosion resistance and a special coating on the piston rod and lock ring to fight corrosion and abrasion. Hardened removable saddles are normal and tilt saddles are optional. An oil overflow port that restricts piston stroke is normal on all models.

 Benefits of Pancake Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Steel alloy lock nut for motorized load holding.
  • High strength alloy steel building for increased durability.
  • Hardened and chromed piston decreases wear and corrosion.
  • Overflow port purposes as a stroke limiter.
  • Replaceable, hardened, and corrugated saddles.
  • Composite bearing stops metal-to-metal contact.
  • Heavy-duty, straight pull return springs deliver quick retraction times.
  • Environmentally-friendly coating process delivers a durable anti-corrosion finish.

Properties of Pancake Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders

  • The piston of a single-acting high tonnage lock nut hydraulic cylinder with motorized locking function and safe mechanical load holding over a long period of time It has Single-acting with load return.
  • The safety lock nut for motorized load holding can be locked at any position by the motorized nut within the stroke, to ensure safe operation.
  • Optional superior synthetic coating for improved corrosion resistance and lower friction for the smoother operation to speed up the return speed.
  • Superior bearing design withstands side-load up to 5%.
  • Excess port functions as a stroke limiter.
  • Substitutable, hardened grooved saddles are standard, and can be configured as 5°ball type saddles to familiarize themselves with imbalance load conditions.
  • Dust ring decreases contamination, extending cylinder life.
  • Optional manual valve to safeguard the safety of the process of lifting and falling.

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