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Going Away this Summer? Start Planning NOW!

These days, everybody desperately seems to be in need of a vacation or two – and for good reason. In their daily lives, people have to deal with a variety of stressful situations pertaining to the fulfillment of their professional & personal obligations; issues that leave them thoroughly drained (and in need of some much-needed psychological & emotional rejuvenation) by the time the long-awaited weekend arrives. Many experts see travel as a fitting remedy to this seemingly existential crisis that features in the lives of most contemporary human beings; a concern that can be pursued successfully with the help of Spectrum packages.

What Travelling Begets?

The many personal advantages are begotten through traveling expeditions to faraway places – and in particular to those earthly locations that host a different set of cultural and environmental influences than the ones found in the sojourner’s own geographical setting – are too numerous to relate here fully. An expansion of minds, which leads to the attainment of a shared sense of empathy with the perceived ‘other’, constitutes perhaps the most prominent and widely-discussed of these benefits; while the high levels of enjoyment reaped, friendships forged, and adventures experienced, do not lag too far behind in terms of their personal developmental contributions in the lives of travelers.

Some Summer-Travelling Essentials

If you’re currently in the mood for some sight-seeing (and possibly picture-taking) and immersing yourself into everything new that a previously unvisited traveling destination has to offer, then you’ll need to take care to bring along a few commodities to ensure an overall smooth & hassle-free trip. But most importantly, you’ll need to foster a mindset that welcomes (rather than shuns) novel experiences; because if you continue to be too picky about the issues that register as ‘enjoyable’ within your brain, chances are that you might not end up having as much fun as you would like to (and which is totally attainable through a more spontaneously welcoming and positively-engaging psychological disposition).
And since you’re thinking about temporarily relocating during the summer season, you’ll want advice that is more suited to the unique opportunities and challenges that characterize the distinctive weather patterns of this time of the year.

Consider these Points Carefully

In this post, I’ll list some of the important considerations that need to be at the forefront of your thoughts when you’re wading through the planning stage of your incumbent trip. These have been distilled from my years of traveling experience in hopping from one corner of the globe to another, and they can save you from a great deal of a headache for when you find yourself in the very thick of things (as it so happens in these eager situations).

1. Pack Some Quality Sunscreen
Nearly all summer traveling spots, particularly those that lie near to the tropics, experience intense incident solar rays during the April to August time period – which need to be sufficiently guarded against by all individuals (and particularly those people with lower levels of melanin skin pigmentation). Sunscreens, even of some basic & homemade varieties, can help in bolstering body-wide topical protection easily, and constitute a must-have item within any traveler’s backpack.

In many clinical studies, progressive sunburn has been linked to an increased risk for contracting a number of melanomas (skin cancers). This occurs due to the DNA damaging effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which have become significantly more corrosive with heightening ozone damage seen after the onset of the new millennium.

2. Take an Effective Mosquito (Insects) Repellant
In many equatorial regions around the world, both in the east and the west there exists the risk of getting bitten by swarms of malaria and dengue-carrying mosquitoes. These flying insects can even serve as the vectors (carriers) for an entire range of other transferable disease conditions like AIDS and the Yellow Fever.

The consumer market nowadays, along with a number of drug pharmacies, comes equipped with a large variety of pocket insect repellant solutions – some of which are even fragrant (and serve the added function of perfuming the body when it becomes drenched with perspiration). These compounds are usually quite inexpensive to purchase, and they should always lie within easy reach inside your suitcase or traveling bag.

When complemented with a mosquito/flies net, chemical repellant agents allow you to sleep in the outdoors breeze which flows quite generously in several summer hotspots at night – enabling you to experience a further vestment of nature’s delights.

3. Put on Appropriate Cotton-based Clothing
All summer clothing ideally needs to be porous and light; issues which essentially depend upon its fabric-type and knitting/weaving design. Cotton-based fabrics are naturally permeable to air, and so allow wind to easily get through to their wearer’s skin. The common knitting style referred to in the textile industry jargon as ‘pique’ makes way for more open-pored apparel, which is also malleable in the sense that it adheres to the wearer’s body type more fittingly.

So when traveling, it is important to not only pack a fewer number of clothing items (to keep cargo weight in check), but also to make sure that they are of the right material type.

4. Bring Along a Portable Air (Room) Cooler
If you really want to cut down on the expense of frequent air conditioning, then consider making your very own portable room cooling unit. Made from a number of inexpensive and easy-to-get materials, this DIY piece of craft enables you to force hot room temperatures down by a few centigrade – making living quarters more livable and breathable. And what’s more, it can easily be fitted inside your traveling case – and only requires a few ice cubes to instantly induce the cooling effect in its immediate surroundings.

With Spectrum plans, you can log onto YouTube today, and browse through many other videos that provide a comprehensive set of details on constructing similarly useful summer items within the comfort of your home settings.

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